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Taking Care of you from A-Z

We have a number of services that help facilitate your move to Spain and your life in Madrid. Canterbury English is behind you in every way possible, especially at the beginning, when you will need more intensive support from us to get started.

  • Signing up for Canterbury English means that our services take care of you from A to Z. Not everybody needs this, but many do. Let’s say you are from one of the categories of life situations that might make you interested in the Canterbury English Experience. Let’s say you just graduated from university and need an attractive path to start out your career in the real world. We give you:


  • from A


  • 1. Opportunity to live in Madrid, the alluring capital city of one of the most appealing countries in the world.
  •  Since the founder arrived in Madrid in November of 1989, we have been creating an infrastructure so that you could do the same thing, but without the extreme circumstances he has had to go through to get settled and put down roots here. He was the battering ram that opened up the doors of the promised city, so that you can breeze in.


  • 2.      Teaching Certificate
  • All you need to know to become a great teacher.


  • 3.      Job with Us
  • Now you can be independent and pay the bills.


  • 4.      Accommodation
  • You have to decide whether you want to look for accommodation yourself, or you would prefer that we take care of it for you. If you are a very independent person and used to arranging things in a foreign country, you may choose to look for accommodation on your own. However, most people, for a very reasonable price, seem to prefer to leave the hunt for a room in a shared apartment to us, especially during the initial two months that cover the course and setting up your job schedule with Canterbury English.


  • 5.      Learning the Language of Spain
  • How can you go to the theatre if you don’t know some Spanish? How can you watch a movie that’s not in VO (Original Version, ie, English)? How can you communicate with the man or woman on the street, in the bread shop, in the market? How can you understand what your students are going through when you don’t learn Spanish. How can you meet a girl or a guy who doesn’t speak English? If you speak English and Spanish, then you’ve just covered the native language of more countries in the world than any other two languages. There’s hundreds of right reasons why it’s a good idea to make the effort to learn Spanish. So, we make it easy for you. And then you can enjoy the culture, the people and the travelling…


  • To Z!

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    Opportunity to live in Madrid