Late Afternoon Alone in the Forest

Late Afternoon Alone in the Forest Walking alone in the forest on Saint James’s Way, I bathe in the light that streams through the fluttering tree leaves. It seems as if myriad, radiant beings are flowing within the light, some, swimming like sea anemones, create pathways in sun reflected sky. Soon all I could see […]

Tullia, The Oyster Woman

  Tullia, The Oyster Woman He saw her there, alone, before he crossed the Guadalquivir, on the other river bank beside the mountain of oyster shells that grew through her long years. Each shell was husked apart by calloused fingertips and the ripe tongue was torn outward and flipped end over end across the ancient […]

Old Watch Tower in Cataluña

       Old Watch Tower in Cataluña A lonely tower stands in silence. Unkempt solitude grows out of its heart and escapes through the torn roof, no longer able to contain the ivy and weeds. Idle streets leisurely circle around the tower. Sometimes kittens unravel from its shade, and, with tiny tails swaying this way and […]

Sleeping Spanish Dancer

Sleeping Spanish Dancer As if adrift, she glides across the blue bodiless spheres. The incomplete golden hue of a new sunrise clothes her in sunlight, drawing her soul light back to morning dew. By Anthony Walstorm

Chimneys of Cadaqués

Chimneys of Cadaqués* These white, pyramid-shaped chimneys are families, which the roofs reflect across the town, while smoke spirals into the night sky and disperses in the breeze that blows from the Mediterranean Sea. Often, while out-racing a heavily flung winter storm, the fishermen on their boats can see, from a great distance, the safety […]