Canterbury English Help Live the Dream Financial Aid Program

If you would love to come and do our TEFL program and start teaching for us, but don’t quite have enough money to do it, we have developed a financial aid program that will help you live the dream.

  • The Canterbury English Help Live the Dream Financial Aid Program consists of the following: Our financial aid department gives you a loan to pay half of the full TEFL course price. This is 1375/2 = 687,50 Euros.  


  • To be eligible for the program, you would have to send us a letter explaining why you need a loan and documents to prove this. After we evaluate your letter and documents, we would let you know if you have been approved for financial aid. For more information please email us.


  • Why do we do this?
  • The Canterbury English financial aid program is part of Canterbury’s giving back to the community. Community is not just funding an orphanage in India or Africa, which we also do in both countries. Giving back to the community is giving back to our own community, where we live. Naturally, it’s more exotic and sounds more exciting to be donating to far-off and exotic lands, but the real deal is back home where you live. So if you have a dream and you have the zeal to live the dream, we at Canterbury English are going to put our money where our mouth is and help you out. This involves a lot of trust and commitment, but we feel that the teaching profession is highly vocational and people who are attracted to it are trustworthy, therefore we trust you and we will fund your dream.


  • As you can imagine, no other TEFL program will even consider doing this. Most, if not all, are money making slot machines and don’t trust anybody, especially with money and a loan. But at Canterbury English, as you have probably already sensed, things are just a little different. There is a famous Spanish saying (the only one in English) that goes, “Spain is Different,” and every single Spaniard knows it by heart and will often quote it to you, even if they don’t speak a word of English! We certainly feel that this saying can be applied to our organization. Yes indeed, “Canterbury English is Different!” And you can live the difference!


  • Why do we want to help the people out who can’t quite make it on their own?
  • Well, a while back, in the eighties, when Ronny was running the show in the States, the founder of Canterbury English had a dream and wanted to go to University, but his parents, ex-school teachers, couldn’t afford it. So, thanks to financial aid, he was able to get a university degree. And as a result, he wants to give back to the community and help you out as well. Therefore, if you can’t quite make it, we are going to try to fill the gap by helping you out and here we can quote Jim Morrison of the Doors, “just get here and we’ll do the rest!”

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