TEFL + Spanish (five weeks)

If you want a four week TEFL course to get certified as an English teacher to teach with Canterbury English and other schools and a one week intensive Spanish course at our Garcia Lorca Spanish School, then this is the program for you!

How to get tefl certification?


  • Keep reading: The TEFL Certificate comes with a guaranteed job for all participants WITH US. If you are a beginner, the course will give you the basics to communicate in Spanish and if you are more advanced, the course will help you brush up on your Spanish and push you higher to a new level of fluency.

This program is for you if:


  • You have a European passport.
  • You have a visa with a work permit for Spain.
  • You have a spousal work visa.
  • You don’t have a European passport, but you just want to do the program without work after the program finishes.



  • PROGRAM COST:  1185 Euros


  • Program Cost Details: 1570€ (paid before the course starts)
  •                                         – 385€ (approx. student teaching refund after you finish the TEFL)
  •                                      = 1185€ (price you pay for your TEFL & Spanish Certificates)


  • Note: You are paid approximately 385€ for your PAID STUDENT TEACHING that takes place during the TEFL course and which usually finishes a week or two afterwards (No other TEFL program pays you for student teaching).




  • You have two choices of when you do the intensive Spanish course, one is start the course a week before the TEFL program or the second one is directly after the TEFL program. We recommend doing it before for two reasons. The first is that as you will be starting to teach paid classes with our clients during the third or fourth week of TEFL and which will continue after the TEFL is finished, you will have a busier schedule than before the TEFL training.


  • The second reason is that if you take it before the TEFL, your Spanish will improve rapidly and you will be able to communicate much more effectively with people for all kinds of different reasons, such as looking for appartments, going to restaurants, bars, shopping, going out, theatre, cinema, getting around the city, meeting and making Spanish friends and a long etc. If you do the course before, you will splash down in Spain and you will be able to move more like a fish in water…!!


  • We would like to say that Canterbury English does not require you to speak a word of Spanish to teach classes for us. Some clients occassionaly ask for someone who speaks Spanish, especially if they have a very low level or are beginners, but it doesn’t happen very often.


  • Canterbury English still has some ex-pat lifers working for us who can’t get very far past “Hola” and when they need a wholesome glass of milk, they pretend they are milking a cow and usually the waiter gets the message! However, you will definitely have a more rich and varied experience if you do learn Spanish through our Garcia Lorca Spanish Program.


García Lorca Schedule and a few course details


  • The classes start bright and early (for Spain!) at 9:30 am to go on until 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The program includes a variety of activities such as walking through Retiro and rowing a boat on the lake. A guided tour of Madrid, including bar hopping and tapas eating at lunch time, as well as a pot luck class party!


  • The Garcia Lorca Spanish teachers are excellent and well-qualified instructors who give dynamic classes and who make learning Spanish a lot of fun. You can assimulate the languange much faster in a relaxed, friendly environment, when you are enjoying the classes, especially when there’s lots of laughs in class.


The program price includes:


  • 1. TEFL course.
  • 2. Intensive Spanish Course (One week, 4 hours/day).
  • 3. Books & materials are included.
  • 4. Three cultural activities each week.
  • 5. A warm welcoming class lunch.


  • A Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate, Madrid, Spain,   created in 1998 and accredited by the College of Teachers, London, England, created in 1849.


  • The Garcia Lorca Spanish School Intensive One Week Certificate, Madrid, Spain, created in 2000.

  • Added benefits to our Garcia Lorca Spanish School and Canterbury Club Activities.


  • You are also warmly welcomed into the Canterbury English Getting to Know Spanish Culture Adventure Club, with monthly field trips and activities such as the Canterbury Grape Harvest Festival & Madrid Winery Tour, the Olive Harvest in Jaen, Real Madrid Night Out, Skiing & Snowboarding at la Pinilla Ski Resort, June Teachers vs Student Football Game & Picnic in Retiro Park.


  • These cultural day trips are combined with the night time Canterbury Party Club, including Pub Nights, Flamenco Nights, Gypsies and Torrero Nights and much, much  more.


  • Bona-fida Home Away from Home


  • Canterbury English is a real, bona-fida home away from home for you, because once you are on board, we will take care of you from A to Z.

How to get tefl certification with us

If you’re ready to go, what’s your next move to make this dream come true?


  • 1. Check out our Canterbury English TEFL and Spanish Brochure.


  • 2. Email Richard Clarke, the founder and director of Canterbury English and ask your heart away!! Richard is a UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara) graduate, from Los Angeles, California, who’s living the dream and who wants to share it with you, so email him at infotefl@canterburyenglish.com


  • 3. When you’re nice and ready, you can complete our Canterbury English International TEFL program application and email it to Richard. He will personally review it and notify you within about two weeks if you have been accepted into the program. If you are, congratulations, the dream is about to become true!


  • 4. After you have been accepted, you and Richard can set up a Skype session together. This is when you can ask all the questions that your heart desires (make a list before), so that you are fully confident about coming to Madrid to share the next amazing and super fun chapter of your life with us!


  • 5. When you get the acceptance email (always think positive!), then it’s time to pay the non-refundable deposit of 300€.


  • 6. This deposit is your passport to SUNNY SPAIN, MARVELOUS MADRID & an EXCITING, LOVELY LIFE with the Canterbury English Study Abroad Program and Guaranteed Teaching Job (for all students) WITH US (that’s the key), which starts during the Course!!!


  • 7. No organization in Spain can beat this offer. It’s the best value for money. It’s less  expensive than all the other programs. It’s the only one that gives a GUARANTEED JOB to ALL its graduates WITH US. And it’s the only one that you can go on field trips or pub nights once a month and shot the breeze over a drink with the founder!


  • 8. It’s a no-brainer!! Canterbury English is the ONE & ONLY! The ORIGINAL! And it’s all yours for a steal!


  • 9. Great opportunities like this one only come up a few times in your life. Don’t miss it. We will take care of you and ease you into this new life! Sign Up Now!


  • Now you know everything necessary about how to get tefl certification. Lucky!

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how to get tefl certification

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Logo 20 years Spain teaching

Duration 5 weeks
ELIGIBILITY: College degree or equivalent (some acceptions), EU and non-EU passport, work visa
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There are many ways to learnHow to Apply

  • 1

    Email for Info

    Email Richard (infotefl@canterburyenglish.com) and he will send you the information you need to decide if this is for you.

  • 2

    Fill out Application

    After you have read the information and are familiar with our organization, we will send you an application form.

  • 3

    Application Decision

    After you have completed your application and sent it to us, within 3-5 days it will be reviewed and a decision will be made.

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