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  • End-of-year activities 2022

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    Last Sunday, June 19, we celebrated our last activity of the course with a picnic in Madrid’s Retiro Park.

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    We enjoyed an excellent temperature, shared food, music and laughter. The best thing was that the Canterbury teachers had the opportunity to meet other teachers and chat with them in a relaxed, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Happy vacations to all of you!

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    El pasado domingo, 19 de junio, celebramos nuestra última actividad del curso con un picnic en el madrileño parque del Retiro.

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    Disfrutamos de una temperatura excelente, compartimos comida, música y risas. Lo mejor fue que los profesores de Canterbury tuvieron la oportunidad de conocer a otros profesores y charlar con ellos en un ambiente relajado, distendido y ameno. ¡¡Felices vacaciones a todos!

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    Actividades fin de curso 2022

    Canterbury English Cup Awards
    Teachers of the Year 2020-22
    Thursday June 23rd, 9:00 P.M.

    CEO Richard Clarke, TEFL Director John Bouse & Spanish Director Fátima Gordillo Present:

    Where: León de Oro Irish Tavern (down in the wine cellars), C/ Leon de Oro 10 (Metro: Antón Martín).

    Greetings at the bar with RC, JB & FG and First Relaxing Pint: 9 P.M.
    Awards Ceremony: 10 P.M.
    The Ceremony will include the presentation of trophies for teachers of the year 2020-2022.


    We would like to celebrate the Canterbury English awards ceremony with all our teachers from June 2020 to June 2022 with a big party. Great drink prices for all teachers, students and friends, compliments of Canterbury English & The Leon de Oro Irish Tavern. The Canterbury English Cup Winners will be awarded for Gold, Silver and Bronze Teachers for Excellence in Teaching this school year. The criteria is based on length of time with Canterbury English, number of classes, excellence in teaching, student & staff recommendations.

    This school year we have had a great team of teachers and we would like to thank all of you for the big effort you have made with your students. We have had a very difficult task in narrowing the final selection from almost 150 teachers down to nine bronze teachers, three silvers and one gold, as well as Mr. and Miss. Canterbury English!


    And before…

    Picnic in El Retiro park

    Next Sunday, June 19, we can enjoy the good weather in Madrid with a Picnic in the popular Retiro Park.

    The appointment will be at 11: 30 in the morning at the exit of Metro ESTACIÓN DEL ARTE (line 1). From there, we will walk to the park, where we will have plenty of space to make our picnic.

    Everyone can stay as long as they wish.


    – Bring food that can be shared (chips, nuts, empanadas, cold meats, cheese, nachos…).
    – Bring (whoever has and wants to) a blanket or cloth for the floor.
    – Board games, cards, balls, etc.
    – Bag to pick up trash at the end of the picnic. No debris from our activity should be left in the park.


    – In order to prepare everything well and in time, I would need the help of some volunteers. If you would like to help in the preparation of the picnic, please contact Fatima Gordillo:



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