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madrid palace glass - The Pandemic and Your Plans to Come to Spain

Spain is Back to Normal

Message from the Founder of Canterbury English
Concerning the Pandemic and Your Plans to Come to Spain

Life in Spain is now back to normal as we begin the summer!
Everyday life, along with English, Spanish and TEFL classes have resumed while we progress through the summer and “life goes on,” because after winter/spring comes the summer, so plan for the fall now!

Your dream is to come to Spain and to live the amazing Mediterranean lifestyle we have here, and I, with Canterbury English, am here to help you do this. Spanish daily life has resumed and is just as fascinating and culturally stimulating as it has always been. And not only that, but the
weather is great! Outdoor terraces, happy people and the whole pandemic is just like waking up after a storm or a bad dream and seeing the rainbows and the sunshine again!

Good luck and see you soon!

Richard Clarke



The above was written as the summer was beginning. Right now in September, even though there is a lot of hype in the media about Spain and the second wave and some villages and the occasional neighborhood of a city are confined for a week, things are back to normal, except for the fact that everyone is wearing masks when they leave their houses (like most places in the world) and social distancing is taking place.

People here are being very responsible and everybody follows the indications of the government. Other than that all of the above is still true.  So make your plans to come ASA…YCGH (As Soon As You Can Get Here!!!)