Heartening Message from the Founder of Canterbury English Concerning the Pandemic and Your Plans to Come to Spain


I would just like to say to everyone who is thinking of coming to Spain on one of our programs, that you don’t have to worry about the pandemic in relation to your traveling to Madrid and commencement of your program plans with Canterbury English.

The pandemic is worldwide and every country is going to have to go through the same process. Those countries that go through it on a massive scale first (China, Italy, and Spain), will be the first ones to recover. China is now recovering (no new infections in China as of March 19th) after three months and life is returning again to normal. Italy and Spain (now in the most critical stages), will be the first countries in the world after China to recuperate, with everyday life along with English, Spanish, TEFL classes and camps getting back to normal. This will happen around the end of April. So by June, Spain will have fully recovered with life going on just the way it was before the virus. And this doesn’t take into account a possible vaccine, which would speed things up a lot more.

So please don’t be worried about your plans to come to Spain, as it is a passing situation that we all need to get through in a calm and rational manner, because “life goes on” and after winter comes the spring, so plan for the spring now!

Your dream is to come to Spain and to live the amazing Mediterranean lifestyle we have here and I, with Canterbury English, am here to help you do this. Because it takes 2-3 months to get all the visa issues cleared, when you arrive in Madrid, Spanish daily life will have resumed and will be just as fascinating and culturally stimulating as it has always been.  And not only that, but the weather will be great! Outdoor terraces, happy people and the whole pandemic will be like waking up after a storm or a bad dream and seeing the rainbows and the sunshine again!


Good luck and see you soon!

Richard Clarke