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    Teaching you to write an ESL job winning resume!


    Job winning resume writing is an art, because on one page of paper (or at the most two), you have to honestly sum up hour whole life, but at the same time, say the right things that your potential employer is looking for. The question that you ask yourself as you are facing the blank piece of paper or screen, is what information should you include and what would be better to leave out?


    Here Canterbury is going to give you the tips so that you can successfully sell yourself for the other 50% of your ESL schedule that you will need to support yourself in Madrid:


    • The only way to know what should be included about your life and job experience and what should be edited out is to get it all down on paper first, so brainstorm and just start writing and writing and fill pages and pages. Don’t be shy, because only you are going to see the original rough draft. As you’re writing, memories of life experiences will occur to you that you have completely forgotten about yourself and this is what makes it fun, because you are writing a mini-resume of your life and your experience in life.
    • Once you have it all down on paper, no matter if the original draft is 5 pages long, then, you can start doing a list of categories. A key to this list is finding the right title to describe the section. Be concise and try to describe what best fits the content in as few words as possible.
    • Once you’ve got all the categories with eye-catching titles, then you can start tailoring and reducing the content to the bare minimum, a sentence which summarizes that chapter in your life.
    • Now it’s time to tailor the categories to English teaching, which is the job you are going to land. Because English teaching is a human, face to face profession, anything that you have done in life is valid. If you were a waitress in a coffee shop, then you have people skills. Even if you were building robots on an assembly line, you were still part of a team of people where you had to develop people skills and you must have shown or taught someone how to do something you know. Even a computer programmer, behind a computer all day, has to have a minimum of people skills to be able to maintain their job. And if you’re a mother or a father, then you have endless people skills! As you can see, anything you have done can be adapted to the teaching profession.
    • So now it’s time to adapt your resume in a very concise way to working with people and what you taught these people that you have worked with.
    • Now the question is what goes first? Order the categories from what is most relevant to teaching to what is least relevant.
    • When you have it ordered, if your only experience was teaching an immigrant worker, then keep it, but if that’s one of many jobs that you’ve had, then cut it down to the most important and the most relevant so that you can fit everything on one or at the most two pages.


    Don’t stray from the standard resume structure

    Be creative, have fun with it and be proud of yourself and what you have achieved. But include the basics such as:

    • Personal Information
    • Contact Information
    • Education and qualifications
    • Work history
    • Relevant skills to teaching English
    • Your interests
    • Your achievements
    • Your hobbies
    • Two references (one is too few, three is too many)


    Presentation is Key

    How are you going to stick out from the hundreds of resumes that a company receives? Make a big effort on presentation!

    • A photo is a must (your best formal photo)
    • Good sized, clear fonts (many middle-aged employers have bad eyesight!)
    • Spaces in between (if a lot of content is packed into a page, it probably won’t be read)
    • Clear structure, well-worded and NO spelling mistakes.


    Resumes that are too long, compacted and confusing go into the under the desk file!

    You have a maximum of two pages to get everything on it, but one page is better! Because of the number of resumes companies receive, recruiters often skim the resumes, and at a glance know if this candidate interests them, so only include concise and relevant information.


    Tailor your resume to the different segments of the ESL Market

    You need to know what the job is asking for, ie. What position you are applying for and adapt the resume to this. If it’s an executive company class school, then tailor your resume to company classes with business executives, where it is all business, business, business and your resume looks and fits the role. If it is teaching kids in a kinder garden, then give them your resume that is tailored to kids. Somebody who is hiring for small kids won’t be impressed by a resume that is too serious, businesslike and no fun, but if you hand in a resume to the business executive company covered in unicorns and fairies…..the buzzer will sound and you’ll be ushered to the elevator in three shakes of a dogs tail! So focus on the skills that are related to the position that you want and tailor, tailor, tailor until you create a unique resume. Most employers are used to boring resumes, so make yours interesting and make it stand out from the crowd. It’s all about making a good impression, which could be key to the job and why the employer will remember you above everybody else.


    Update your resume

    • Make sure your current or last job is on your resume, because that is the most important job to a professional recruiter, because its fresh and it talks about where you are right now. If you just got a job last week teaching a one hour a week private class in Coca-cola or where ever, you need to update your resume, because that is going to most impress your potential employer. It is called an eye-opener. The employer will realize that you must be good, because you are in demand. So they will also want you on their team and that will help clinch the job.


    References will sometimes wrap up the deal

    If the recruiter is almost convinced that you are the person for the job, a good reference will often tip the scale in your favor. If they give information about your skills, experience and mention that you are a reliable person, this will give a third party insight about you and gain the confidence of the recruiter. If you have no work experience, then ask one of your teachers to give you a reference.


    How long will you be here?

    A key question for an ESL employer is how long are you going to be living in Madrid? They need a guarantee that it’s not here today and gone tomorrow, because a happy client isn’t going to be so happy, if they find out the teacher’s decided to leave before the school year is finished. So if you have moved to Madrid permanently or are on a one year visa, then it is crucial that you let the employer know it, even if they don’t ask. This will give them confidence in you and that you will be available to teach for the whole school year. Once they are convinced you are the person for the job, then the next most important question that they have in their minds is how long will you be in Madrid to teach. This is then what they are interested in and you must give them confidence in your availability for the rest of the school year.


    And this is just a glimpse into the Canterbury art of resume making! We will help our graduates build the right resume for ESL teaching in Madrid, taking into consideration all the factors that we are experts in. That is why with Canterbury’s 50% teaching schedule, combined with the other 50% that we help you find from other sources, you can support yourself in Madrid and enjoy all Spain has to offer.