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  • Top 25 amazing blogs about Madrid

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    Moving to a new city can always be hard at first, here´s a trusted  list of fun and trendy guides and blogs to make your new Madrid life easier:

    Be Madrid

    Be Madrid is a blog for expats and students studying abroad. They give advice on finding housing, cheap activities and excursions, and even survival tips. They host fun events on occasion which gives you the opportunity to meet some really cool and hip people.

    Moving 2 Madrid

    Moving 2 Madrid is for expats trying to move to Madrid. It has useful information on how to prepare before the big move and has lots of tips on how to find accommodations in the city.


    Oh No She Madridn’t is a blog for English teachers and anyone trying to move to Madrid. It has advice on everything from the best supermarkets to apartment hunting to advice on teaching private classes.

    Oh hello Spain

    Oh, Hello Spain is a blog about the writer’s personal experiences in Spain. She writes about how to cheaply take Madrid by storm!

    My Little Madrid

    My Little Madrid is a blog by a Madrid native who gives practical advice for English speakers. She posts about everything from cost of living to excursions. She even has a cartoon character of herself!

    Lingo Bongo

    Lingo Bongo Madrid is one of the best sites for expats to connect. People post teaching positions, housing vacancies, events and intercambio language exchanges. You can even upload your CV and send it to all the academies and companies in their database.

    Expat Madrid

    The Chorizo Chronicles is a blog about everything. He writes about food, politics, travel, and is quite funny at the same time. He also writes about events in Madrid and gives tips on how to improve your Spanish and how to meet new people in a new country.

    Guias Viajar

    Guias Viajar Madrid is a blog that focuses on many cities in Spain but his section on Madrid is in depth and quite extensive. He keeps up to date with events happening in the city and shares information about the lovely sights to visit as well.

    Time Out Spain

    Time Out is a great blog about what to do in your free time. It has recommendations for bars, restaurants, music, museums, and art. There’s even information on the best neighborhoods to visit and events happening in those areas.

    The Blegger

    The Blegger is a great blog for the night owl in all of us. There are suggestions for cafes, bars, live music and nightclubs and there’s even a map of where to find these amazing places.


    Erasmusu is a blog written by a college student studying abroad. There are lots of helpful tips and recommendations for apps, rooftop bars, food and sights in the city.

    Con El Morro Fino

    Con El Morro Fino is a blog for foodies. If you want information on the hottest restaurants and best deals going on this is the blog for you.

    Madrid Juventud

    ¡Madrid! Juventud is the blog for the Madrid council. It has lots of information about upcoming events in the city. You can even get information based on each neighborhood. They have posts on sports, careers, festivals, and the goings on in the capital.

    Nomadic Samuel

    Nomadic Samuel is a travel blog. It includes a great list of the top 25 things to do in Madrid. He even gives suggestions on the right food stop and the park to relax in.

    Feel Madrid

    Feel Madrid is a really good general blog about the city. It has information about recurring events, sights, general information about Spain and tips for getting around Madrid.

    Women on the road

    Women on the Road is a blog for female travelers who are going on this adventure alone. It discusses places to visit in Madrid and how to stay safe. It’s an excellent perspective for those who are apprehensive about flying solo.

    Cheap Madrid

    Cheap in Madrid is a blog that appeals to those of us with a more frugal side. It has restaurant reviews, day trip suggestions and shopping. It also includes budget friendly activities in Madrid.

    We 3 Travel

    We 3 Travel is a family blog about traveling with kids and living in a foreign country. The article on Madrid has good suggestions for family activities and great places to eat.

    Madrid Free

    Madrid Free is a blog with many tips for finding free or extremely cheap things to do in Madrid. There are posts about clubs, dancing, volunteer projects and exhibits.

    Madrid Office of Tourism’s blog is a super place to find information on many different topics. There is a full calendar of city events and it has recommendations for activities in Madrid like music, art, food and shopping. You can stay up to date with neighborhood events, local projects, and fiestas.

    Spain Guru

    Spain Guru is by a group of American women who give advice for people making the move to Madrid. They cover everything from registering as an autonomo to getting a work permit.

    Madrid no Frills

    Madrid No Frills is a blog about local food, immigrant culture, and forgotten corners of Madrid. They’ll make you love the city and appreciate the things you never knew Madrid had to offer.

    And just in case you don´t find what you are looking for on these amazing blogs, you can always stroll the beautiful streets of Madrid and disover your own events, places and the city´s secret quirks.

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