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    At Canterbury English we don’t throw you to the lions with nothing to defend yourself! Before you walk into a classroom alone, you are fully equipped with all that it takes to give a class that is professional and at the same time lively. This way you can draw out of your students what they know, allowing their English skills to sparkle, as they thoroughly enjoy themselves by practicing their English in a relaxed and conducive manner. Choose our acdemy and lern how to become an english teacher.


    Your job as their teacher is to prompt and encourage your students, helping them get over the elements of the language that hinder their progress and of course, by making it fun for them and for you. If you are enjoying yourself teaching them, be assured that they are also enjoying the class, practicing their English with you. Enjoy your experience teaching english as a second language or as a foreign language.


    However, to be able to do this, you need to Practice, Practice, Practice. Yes, practice makes perfect, and that is our job, to polish, shine and hone your skills, so when you walk into class alone, you are fully confident that you are going to get the best out of your students, and out of yourself! thanks to our TEFL Spain.

    Therefore, a vital feature of the Canterbury English TEFL Madrid teaching abroad programs is the 20 hours of observed practice teaching as well as the 20 hours of classes in the internship. During both modules, it’s all Practice, Practice, Practice. You also practice when you watch your classmates teach. When they make a mistake, you take note, so as to avoid that mistake yourself. When they do something memorable that works, you also take note and remember it to enhance your own classes.


    In the first week of the class you are the observer of our model classes and you learn how to design a class, the techniques on how to correctly implement, and of course how to control, or rather guide the students in your class. Canterbury uses the well-known and successful ESL technique called the PPP Method. In phase one of PPP, Presentation, the Canterbury instructor presents the new information and uses examples, which would apply to the first week. In the second week you implement phase two of PPP, because you have gone from the passive observer to the doer.


    Here you Practice what you have learned and in phase 3, Production, you use what you have learned and practiced to create lesson plans and teach a class. The Canterbury instructor will observe you and take notes to give you the necessary feedback so that you can keep improving your class Production. The PPP method is intuitive and easy for you to apply and is also very useful for you to use in your ESL classes.


    All these precious experiences that you gain in the practice modules of the course add up to invaluable help on your way to you, yourself becoming an outstanding teacher, which is what the Canterbury English TEFL Spain program creates: Outstanding teachers. We believe in the Excellence of our teachers. That is why we entrust you with our best clients. That is why you are able to go around the world with our TEFL Spain certification and schools around the world know about the Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate. After twenty years of hiring our graduates, no wonder they know. There’s no doubt about it, “The proof is in the pudding!”





    Why is lesson planning an art? Because a good lesson plan, with structure and substance, will allow you to pilot your student from A to B and to arrive at your class objective, the same way you get on a plane in New York and later on you touch down successfully in Madrid. A good lesson plan is an instrument, your own private jet that gets you there effortlessly. Because you constructed your lesson plan before the class and when you are in class you just fly it. The work was all done before the class started. That’s why you can work in Spain teaching english as a second language or as a foreign language. You can teaching abroad!


    Our Canterbury English instructors will start by giving you example lesson plans, which you start to work with by deconstructing and then constructing all over again to get the hang of it. Just like a lego plane, you get out the plans and the pieces and create a model lesson plan and once you’ve done that and you get good at it, you can start introducing your own creative and original elements, which so essential in the making of a good teacher. Like a thumb print, no two are the same. No two good teachers are the same and no two good lesson plans are the same and the reason why is that no two students are the same. Therefore, we teach you to be original and creative in making your lesson plans and you show us this by producing many lesson plans during the course.

    how to become an english teacher


    Class psychology, group psychology, individual student psychology, is an integral part of teaching. First and foremost is individuality. How to manage small groups of one to six people in a class? You can design the class lesson to best fit first the group (and every group is completely different, even if they have exactly the same English level), and  second the individuals in the group. You will evaluate a variety real life scenarios that could easily happen to you as a teacher during the first weeks of your first classes in the real teaching world.  For example: Paco is Lola’s boss. You have to tread carefully and remember that working relationships do influence the English classes. You first need to know that Paco is the boss.


    When you see that Lola often doesn’t speak very much when Paco is in class (and when he’s not in class she speaks freely), then you know the psychological root of the problem. Now you have to solve this, using your own psychological ideas and games. Pair them up. Paco, you are a Product Manager, and Lola you are the Marketing Director. The launching of the new Alfa Romeo is not going very well, and so Lola, you call Paco into your very large office, and you want to know why.  Enjoy your experience teaching english as a second language or as a foreign language.


    You have put them in a creative (made-up) situation, so you can reverse their roles, and make them believe these roles. This is designed to break the typical boss/secretary relationship, and to break down the barriers. Don’t worry about playing devils’ advocate and surprising them with imaginative situations. For example (true story): Giving classes at the Direccion General de Policia, which is the American equivalent of the FBI, you have 5 large, moustached, very macho Spanish law agents around a table. You create a story. Pedro is a gypsy, boyfriend of Felix, who is a beautiful female gypsy dancer. Jose is a bullfighter and lover of Felix (the gypsy), while Garcia is a female flamenco singer in love with the bullfighter.


    The teacher invented a story that they had to act out: The students really enjoyed it and everyone was laughing, which is a sure sign that you are on track. When you finish the TEFL program you will be able to deal with a wide range of students: the shy, the extrovert, the busy business person, the introvert, the overly talkative, the dominant and then the student who to get a word out of is like pulling teeth. So we also teach you to be moderators, to find an equilibrium in the class so that everybody is happy and nobody feels left out. We show you how to wear the many colored cape of a professional English teacher.

    TEFL Spain your better think


    Just think of your class as a theatre production and you are the theatre director! Your actors are your students and you have to provide them with colorful props and sets to act out your own screen written English Class DramaWe teach you to use for props such as illuѕtrаtіоnѕ аnd phоtоѕ, anіmаl gаmеѕ аnd activities, pictures of celebrities, mini white boards, post-it notes, stack of verb cards, puppets & plush animals, reward systems and much more. We also show you how to invent your own class props, find stimulating book material, newspapers and the latest cool ESL websites to keep your students learning in the fantasy world theatre that your class has become thanks to our creative and skilled veteran instructors.


    And because many of our TEFL graduates, to teach english overseas, work for Canterbury English as well, they keep coming back to use our library, materials and computers as well as getting paid for their classes every month and sharing good times at our Canterbury Club events!




    You’ve just started a one-on-one class with Isabel, a young and vivacious director of an advertising agency called Conquest Europe in her beautiful offices in the Torre Picasso tower in the center of Madrid’s business district. She has a high level and will almost certainly be a demanding student, so you need to get right down to a SWOT analysis and find out her ‘Strengths’, ‘Weaknesses’, ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Threats’. Our Canterbury English TEFL trainers teach you to carry out a SWOT analysis, by drawing a large square on a white board, chart or paper. You can divide the square into quadrants and label the upper left quadrant ‘Strengths’, the lower left ‘Weaknesses’, the upper right ‘Opportunities’ and the lower right ‘Threats’.


    Now you’re ready to find out how Isabel can improve her already excellent English, where her weaknesses are and what threats she may have (an upcoming negotiation with her English boss in Dresden, Germany) and how she can take advantage of her opportunities with an array of English speaking skills at her disposition. You have to get her ready and the clock is ticking. What range of data will you gather from Isabels speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. And what business advertising jargon will she have to use. We will show you how!

    TEFL Madrid jobs for you
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    TEFL Graduates are free to teach with us and naturally with any other school, academy or private classes. Some graduates work full time, some work part time and some move on. This is completely voluntary. We guarantee all graduates between 10 and 15 hours of teaching a week at between 16-20€ per hour. 16 Euros is the base rate for a Native teacher (our bilingual teachers receive 14 Euros an hour and our Study abroad program teachers receive 12 Euros an hour) and we add to that an extra travel supplement (ETS), if the class is further than the normal 30 minutes or so travel time.


    This supplement ranges from one to five Euros, depending on the time it takes to get to the class. A full schedule is between 20 and 25 hours of teaching. So you start out with a job (with ours tefl jobs in spain) that takes care of a minimum of 50% or more of your monthly earnings and the job starts on the third or fourth week of the course. This gives you a big time jump on other TEFL programs in Madrid that farm you out to other schools and usually a good extra month goes by before you are working.


    We will also provide you with all the contacts, lists and orientation that the other programs give you so that you can fill out your schedule and maximize your teaching time. As we are one of the longest running TEFL programs in Madrid, over twenty years now, every single one of the over four hundred language schools and academies in Madrid currently (or in the past) have a Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate Graduate working for them. Our TEFL Certificate is very well known and highly respected by all these schools and academies.


    We have excellent contacts with them and our graduates are very welcome there. They often work for us and for another school and that is not a conflict at all. The reason for this is that it is in our mutual interest that between the various schools we keep our teachers with enough work to stay in Spain. It’s logical. And we share our graduate resources with these schools to guarantee you have enough work.


    We can’t emphasize enough that because you start out, while you are graduating with at least 50% (and sometimes up to 100%) of your schedule full, this is the difference between staying in Madrid or not for those students who don’t have a healthy padding of income to use until they get set up with enough classes. And that’s why most people chose Canterbury English, because of the big head start that you have with us.


    The question is do we have a limit of students that we can take on every month. Naturally the answer is yes. This is why we can only accept a specific number of TEFL students into the program every month, so as not to exceed the demand we have for our classes and uphold our 10-15 hour guarantee. If you are accepted into the program, then it means we have enough classes to give you. How long can you work for us? For as long as you want. We have TEFL students who have been with us for over a decade. Nobody can beat that!


    We are the answer to the question: how to become an english teacher.