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  • Where to find the best tortilla in Madrid

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    There has always been a debate regarding the best cuisine in the world. In Italy you can have the best plate of spaghettis imaginable, or the most perfectly cooked lasagna you will ever encounter. You can find wonderful cheeses all around the country, either up north where you can have amazing parmesan or the most unbelievable mozzarella just south of Rome in Campania. The French also have a say in this debate.

    You can wander the streets of Paris and come across the most unexpected restaurant offering the best steak frites you will ever taste. In this beautiful country you have the chance of having unbelievable plates from oysters and cheeses, to the best macaroons available on planet earth! They simply have everything you may crave.

    Spain is the third country on the list of this glorious podium. Where does the best ham come from? Spain. The best seafood? Obviously Spain. The most unimaginable croquettes? Also Spain. Spain is simply a crazy place to dine and wine!

    Spanish lifestyle

    If you´re looking for excellent tortilla in the Spanish capital, here are 5 highly recommended places you certainly will enjoy.

    1. Juana la Loca (Plaza de Puerta de Moros, 4, Madrid)

    In this modern bar you will have the opportunity to taste great pintxos and a great tortilla de patatas with caramelized onion. Small but lively place!

    Recommended dish: Sobrasada casera en pan de Cristal, miel y huevo frito & obviously their tortilla.

    1. Casa Paco (Calle de Altamirano, 38, Madrid)

    Croquettes and a wonderful tortilla de patatas with other amazing dishes in a simple but delightful local bar.

    Recommended dish: Croqueta de boletus, chistorra & their tortilla de morcilla con queso.

    1. La Primera (Calle Gran Vía, 1, Madrid)

    One of our favorite places to have a tortilla is this incredible restaurant. They sell their tortilla`s quite rare, and in small rations. Every bite is as good as the other.

    Recommended dish: Pastel de queso y trufa, Rabas de Santander & their unbelievable tortilla.

    1. La Penela (Calle de Velázquez, 96, Madrid)

    This Galician restaurant is famous for their low cooked tortilla. Their success has been so prominent they have recently opened new restaurants in Barcelona and Bogota, Colombia.

    Recommended dish: Their tasty octopus & low cooked tortilla.

    1. Taberna Pedraza (Calle Ibiza 38, Madrid)

    One of the juiciest tortillas you can find in Madrid. Their cook Carmen Carro has come across the perfect recipe for one of the best tortillas in the whole of Spain!

    Recommended dish: Boquerones en vinagre, alcachofas & their tortilla.

    Bon Apetit!

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