• Why is it so Difficult to Work in Spain & How does Canterbury English Help?

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    Many native and bilingual English speakers and teachers from around the world want to come to Europe and Spain to live and work, but it is very difficult to do this.

    For non-Europeans, it is also almost impossible to get hired by an English school in Madrid or anywhere in Spain to work. You rarely, if ever, see English teaching jobs from Spain offered internationally. Why is that? Because there are plenty of English teachers living in Spain.

    TEFL certificateAnd why are there so many English teachers living in Spain? Because Spain is such an attractive country to live in and we live a good Mediterranean lifestyle here, which is probably the number one lifestyle to live in the world. Let’s face it, living here is like living in paradise! So why bother advertising internationally when the demand is easily covered by the teachers who already live here.

    In other countries, it’s common to offer teachers perks to come and live there, but let’s be honest, if there was no perk, nobody would go! And be careful that the perk, like quicksand, doesn’t trap you into living in a desert (who wants to live in a desert!), a village in Asia, South America, Africa or worse, a city where you have to use gas masks to breathe!

    Under the sparkling blue skies of Spain, there’s no need to offer free airline tickets, free lodgings or free whatever to entice English teachers to come, because teachers are beating down the doors to get here. But the sad thing is… most don’t make it.

    You need our TEFL Certificate

    So that leaves people two routes into paradise. The first is taking a TEFL program in Madrid (but few, if any, offer work) and try your luck looking for work afterwards. And if the TEFL program doesn’t include a Non-EU Study Abroad Visa Program (most don’t), you can’t legally work in Spain. So you take the TEFL program on a tourist visa and afterwards leave for another destination. I would call that …paradise lost!

    And this is where Canterbury English come to the rescue, if you were smart enough to sign up with us. We are one of the few schools that have a TEFL program and an English Academy and we are the only school that offers work to all its graduates.

    More about TEFL Certificate

    However, many people already have an on-site, accredited TEFL Certificate (online TEFL certificates or non-accredited TEFL certificates are not recognized here in Spain). So, it just doesn’t make sense for them to take another one from Canterbury English if they already have an on-site, fully accredited certificate, which includes an external monitoring body (Cambridge, College of the Teachers, IATQuO) that sits in on the course to audit it at least once a year.

    And that’s why we created the Madrid Lifestyle Program, to give those people with an accredited, on-site TEFL Certificate, the opportunity to live the good life as well!

    So if this is the case, then the other route into Spain is taking the Canterbury English One Year Madrid Lifestyle Program.

    What exactly is the Madrid Lifestyle Program (Non-EU) and what are its benefits?

    There are many benefits to the Madrid Lifestyle, so let me explain what the main ones are. The Madrid Lifestyle Visa Program is a program that gives you A to Z coverage, including the opportunity to apply for a visa to get here, a job, a 36 week Spanish course, a social network of friends, contacts with 300 English schools, help with accommodation, bank accounts, mobile phones and so much more. And that is why it is so popular and every month fills up fast.

    The Madrid Lifestyle kicks off with a morning workshop when you arrive, job offers starting the same day and 36 weeks of Spanish classes, without which you can’t get a one year study abroad visa, because you are coming here first to study and then to work.

    • The visa allows you to work for 20 hours a week or up to 92 hours a month (depending on how many working days there are in a month).
    • Unless you are studying at university or you are studying Spanish you cannot get a Study Abroad Visa.
    • In other words, the only way to work in Europe and Spain, for Non-EU, is a Study Abroad Visa. Basically there is no other way to get started.

    And that is why, after so many teachers with bona-fida TEFL certificates grumbled to us saying that, “it just isn’t fair on us, we too want a shot at paradise, at living the good Spanish lifestyle.” And so Voila, we build the Madrid Lifestyle Program as a bridge to paradise!

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