Your Dream Apartment in Madrid

We are going to show you the different short and medium term options that you have to make a smooth transition from your previous home to your new home in Madrid.

  • First of all you need to decide if you want:


  • 1.An apartment for yourself
  • 2.A room in a shared apartment


  • Advantages an Apartment for Yourself
  • You can live alone, decorate the place to your own taste, enjoy freedom of movement and privacy. It is your refuge, you can stay at home all weekend, invite who you want, keep pets,  enjoy the silence of a monastery or make all the noise you want and throw huge parties. During the week you can teach privates in your living room, do Skype classes, have parents, relatives, acquaintances, travel friends, or friends from back home stay on your couch. Your girl or boyfriend can sleep over, or maybe you already have a steady couple or live with your husband or wife. If you’re a very neat and tidy person, nobody’s around to create disharmony. If you feel more at home in disorder and chaos, nobody’s around to get on your case. The kitchen is all yours to cook up a storm, with nothing and nobody to get in your way. You make all the decisions, cause you’re the boss and your “house is your castle and your keep!”


  • Disadvantages of an Apartment for Yourself
  • 1. Cost: 650-1250+ Euros/month.

– Apartments from a small mini-studio of 20 m2 (66 ft2) to a bigger place of up to 50m2 (164 ft2) will range in cost from 650-1250+ Euros/month.

  • 2. It requires two or more deposits up front with the first months’ rent.
  • 3. You have to pay extra monthly wifi, electricity and water bills.
  • 4. Renters often ask you for proof of employment from your employer and a monthly earnings statement (because Canterbury employs you, we can give this letter to you).
  • 5. You usually need to sign a year’s lease.
  • 6. Whole apartments are harder to find than a room in an apartment, so the apartment hunt takes longer.
  • 7. Cost of expenses for extra furniture and appliances that you want.
  • 8. You will have to clean the whole place yourself or pay a cleaning person.
  • 9. Often you have to pay to repair things that the owner doesn’t/won’t fix.
  • 10. Because you have a year’s lease, you need to keep paying rent in the summer.


  • Unless you are a couple who is certain to be staying in Spain for the medium-long term, most people do what we all did when we first arrived here, and that is they choose to rent a room in a shared apartment to start off the adventure in Madrid. After a certain length of time, when they are more settled down, they move into a whole flat for themselves, or together with one or two friends that they have made, often through Canterbury. This is when the proof of employment letter and earnings certificate that Canterbury writes and stamps for you, becomes crucial in getting an edge on other house hunters for the apartment of your dreams in Madrid.



  • Advantages of a Room in a Shared Apartment
  • 1. Cost: 350-550 Euros.
  • 2. Deposit: Usually 1 month.
  • 3. No wifi, electricity, water bills.
  • 4. No proof of employment letter and earnings certificate necessary.
  • 5. Easier to find rooms in a shared apartment than a whole place.
  • 6. No extra furniture or appliance expenses.
  • 7. Cleaning person sometimes included.
  • 8. Owner fixes everything.
  • 9. You can rent September (or whenever you arrive) through June (ie. you don’t have to pay the summer).


  • Canterbury recommends temporary lodgings during the time you take our course until you have a lie of the land and you become familiar with Madrid and the neighborhood that you want to live in. This depends on you and your tastes and what you are familiar with. For example, you may prefer the more exclusive and classy upscale Barrio de Salamanca right next to the city center, where the Canterbury HQ is located. This is definitely for the preppy. On the other hand, you may want to immerse yourself in popular Madrid: Lavapies (hippy and cool), Sol (ground zero España), Anton Marin (Arty with lots of colorful cafes and bars), Rastro (home to the flea market), Opera (classy and next to the royal palace), Gran Via (the ultimate in fashion) or Malasaña (party town) are all great places to live. If you haven’t come with your other half, then you may want to look for a place together with your now good friends from the Canterbury program. Often the job that you have is either all over the city, or in one area, such as the outskirts of Madrid. If it is in the outskirts, then you may want to live closer to work and rent is cheaper in these suburbs. If you are working all over city, then think about your choice of home as being the hub, which is the center of a wheel. The spokes of the wheel are the trajectories that you have to make to travel to your different jobs and the center is the hub, your home. So living in the center of the city (in one of the barrios mentioned earlier) makes it easier to travel to and from classes and to have a siesta after your early morning 8 am tutorial (you’re raising your eyebrows in disbelief, but we’re serious, cause we’ve all done it and on a regular basis!), especially on a Friday morning and after a Thursday Pub Night with our Canterbury Party Club.


  • With all that said, we recommend that you rent a temporary room for two months and then move on to finding your own digs after the two months are up. This will give you time to arrive a few days or even a week before the course begins, finish the course and then consolidate the 50% guaranteed job with Canterbury in different locations around the city.


  • As you know, 50% of your schedule will be completed from 1-30 days after your course finishes (the money back warranty deadline) and during those 1-30 days, you are also receiving classes from other schools to complete the other 50%. So by the time the two months are up, you will have an excellent idea of where you want to live. You can now make an informed decision, because you know where you are working, and you have experienced some of the different neighborhoods in Madrid and can chose which one is best for you. You can also look for an apartment with classmates from the Canterbury program, so as an example, you split the 1200 Euros for a full apartment three ways. This means we give you three Canterbury proof of employment letters and proof of earnings certificates, which will guarantee you the place that you want is yours. Also, you’ll be living with friends, who are going through exactly the same process as you are. What more could you ask for!


  • Now you have two more choices to think about and to make. The first is to find a room on your own through the various web pages dedicated to rooms and apartment hunting. Or you can go the easy route and Canterbury can take care of it for you.


  • Canterbury owns various apartments in the center of Madrid, near the academy (just a few stops on the metro away), called the Canterbury Pads, and we can reserve a room for you in one of those, or if they are full, reserve a room in one of the other apartments that we work with. All the expenses of these apartments (wifi, electricity, water, etc) are included. The price per room per month is 495 Euros or 990 Euros for two months. This is a special Canterbury Pad deal to help you get set up and is 300 plus Euros cheaper than what other TEFL programs offer for the same thing! And, to boot, there’s no agency finder’s fee to pay! Can’t beat Canterbury on any level! Canterbury’s the Real Deal!


  • You can email us at to let us know you’re interested and start the Canterbury Pad ball rolling!


  • How does it Work?
  • Right now we are working on a web page, which will soon be up so that you can directly choose a room and see if the room is available for the date you want in the room calendar. But until it’s up, we gotta do it the paper and pencil way, which ain’t so bad after all! So, when you email our Canterbury Pad Department, we will email you the photos of the rooms that are free for your date of arrival. You choose the pad you want and when you arrive, our Canterbury Pad Man will be at the apartment to hand over the keys and show you around. The room is yours for two months and you can even reserve it for more time if you really like it and want to stay (according to availability).


  • And now for the really SUPER GREAT DEAL. So hold your breath! The Canterbury Pads don’t require a deposit like all other places in Madrid (deposits for rooms are usually at least 300 Euros or more). Why do we do this? Cause we trust you and because you are becoming a bona-fida part of the Canterbury family, and we go out of our way to make things smooth and easy and as inexpensive as possible, so you can make this move to Spain and live the dream as we are living. However we must tell you that you will need a deposit for any other place after you leave the Canterbury Pads, so keep that in mind and budget, as we won’t be returning a deposit to you to use as another deposit. If you would prefer to give us a deposit, so you can get it back afterwards, we can also do that for you, you choose. We are just trying to reduce your setup costs so that you can get here in the first place. This is why we have financial aid for people who would love to live the dream, but don’t have enough set up money and need a loan from Canterbury.



  • We advise you NOT to deposit money in any bank account from these websites. The best thing is to first see the apartment and then hand over the money in exchange for the keys.


  • We wish you all the best of luck in room or apartment hunting!


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