Late Afternoon Alone in the Forest

Late Afternoon Alone in the Forest

Walking alone in the forest

on Saint James’s Way,

I bathe in the light that streams

through the fluttering tree leaves.

It seems as if myriad, radiant beings

are flowing within the light,

some, swimming like sea anemones,

create pathways in sun reflected sky.

Soon all I could see was

a ridge of dark tree trunks

and like a halo behind them,

marvelous blue space.

And I felt there was nothing else

but this brightness, reminding me

of the beauteous sapphire world

we have inherited as our own

and where we have made our home

and where we can feel

the pleasure of happAiness

and the peace of being

at one with Nature.

By Anthony Walstorm

Posted in Poems of Saint James's Way.