Why an Arts, Crafts and Literature Blog

Why an Arts, Crafts and Literature blog on Madrid & Spain for Canterbury English Teachers?

We would like to tell a little story that some people might be able to identify with, if with not the details, perhaps with the message.

We all hear about the mid-life crisis syndrome and if you haven’t had it, you might wonder what it’s all about. I would say that in a nutshell, if you have a vocation and you get paid for it, then you probably won’t have a mid-life crisis. But for the rest of the people who do something for money to pay the bills, because it’s not vocational, there comes a time when the soul has a meltdown.

Many people avoid the midlife crisis, because they do something for money which is not vocational, but they make up for this by doing something vocational in their spare time, as a kind of a hobby. This avoids reaching the soul meltdown point.

So here’s a story about what happened to Richard Clarke (who’s pen name is Anthony Walstorm), which explains the reason behind the Arts, Crafts and Literature blog.