Bedlam Ship Graveyard

  Bedlam Ship Graveyard A woman dressed in summer sits above the sandy strip of beach, where rusting ships lie stranded, sinking slowly in the sand. A mischievous breeze rests from playing tag with graveyard flags and gusts inside the pastel folds of her floating and snapping cotton dress. The breeze is only a prelude […]


Night Tempest over Peñiscola Castle

Night Tempest over Peñiscola Castle Thunder bolt gods converged above the port to shoot the roaring cannons of midnight ire, their dragon steeds, twisting to spit white fire of mid-flight lightning, showering the fort. Only the battlements enjoyed the storm and sent exhilarating shivers down its lightning rod and spine to flicker around the dungeon […]


The Hound

The Hound Much later they would say the vision that came was night in all her splendor, dragging down the heavens in a star filled cloak, with one – the order star – slipping away, in time to raise the sky from gargoyle’s pointed snout.   * The gargoyle protects the cathedral in Madrid from […]


On the Church Wall Seat

On the Church Wall Seat Like aging geese that tuck their heads under their wings, the dried out pair prop canes beneath their arms and sit. The village hustle and bustle sweeps around the silent church, like tides around a self-reflecting isle. At siesta time the sea recedes and leaves the dozing boyhood friends more […]


Torero of Triana

Torero of Triana The women, striking in their sevillana dresses, gaze down at him with their amorous hearts, and from behind vibrant hand fans, they caress the cape of his courage with the suspense in their admiring eyes. And the men, dark and swarthy, their handsome faces as if struck from the granite of Sierra […]


Late Afternoon Alone in the Forest

Late Afternoon Alone in the Forest Walking alone in the forest on Saint James’s Way, I bathe in the light that streams through the fluttering tree leaves. It seems as if myriad, radiant beings are flowing within the light, some, swimming like sea anemones, create pathways in sun reflected sky. Soon all I could see […]


Tullia, The Oyster Woman

  Tullia, The Oyster Woman He saw her there, alone, before he crossed the Guadalquivir, on the other river bank beside the mountain of oyster shells that grew through her long years. Each shell was husked apart by calloused fingertips and the ripe tongue was torn outward and flipped end over end across the ancient […]


Old Watch Tower in Cataluña

       Old Watch Tower in Cataluña A lonely tower stands in silence. Unkempt solitude grows out of its heart and escapes through the torn roof, no longer able to contain the ivy and weeds. Idle streets leisurely circle around the tower. Sometimes kittens unravel from its shade, and, with tiny tails swaying this way and […]


Sleeping Spanish Dancer

Sleeping Spanish Dancer As if adrift, she glides across the blue bodiless spheres. The incomplete golden hue of a new sunrise clothes her in sunlight, drawing her soul light back to morning dew. By Anthony Walstorm


Chimneys of Cadaqués

Chimneys of Cadaqués* These white, pyramid-shaped chimneys are families, which the roofs reflect across the town, while smoke spirals into the night sky and disperses in the breeze that blows from the Mediterranean Sea. Often, while out-racing a heavily flung winter storm, the fishermen on their boats can see, from a great distance, the safety […]


The Feria of Seville

The Feria of Seville Oh how the spring fair of Seville is populated by song and squares full of ripe, far flung orange trees. Horse teams of four pull carriages of men and women, endlessly circling over the yellow earth of the fairgrounds. The high red combs the women wear on their heads are strawberries […]