Old Watch Tower in Cataluña

       Old Watch Tower in Cataluña

A lonely tower stands in silence.

Unkempt solitude grows out of its heart

and escapes through the torn roof,

no longer able to contain the ivy and weeds.

Idle streets leisurely circle around the tower.

Sometimes kittens unravel from its shade,

and, with tiny tails swaying this way and that,

lazily chase salamanders up the walls.

Once in a while vague memories of battles won,

and being a piece in the defense mechanism

of the Spanish empire, invades it with nostalgia.

Clots of windy sky bring summer showers,

but the roofless tower doesn’t care anymore.

It had long since given up defending the world,

only wishing for blue heavens and sunlight to warm its bones.

But the sun wasn’t interested

in the watch tower these days

and had long ago left it out

of all its strategies and schemes,

as it goes about the daily ordering of the universe.

By Anthony Walstorm

Posted in Poems of Cataluña.

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