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About College of the Teachers, Our Accrediting Body

What is the Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate, and if after working for Canterbury English I wanted to teach in another country, would your TEFL Certificate be recognized there?

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  • The Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate is an internationally recognized qualification to teach English to adults, business and children abroad. The Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate Course was fully accredited by the College of Teachers in London, England in 2009. The current trainers on the certificate course were all assessed and evaluated in 2009.
  • In addition, the head trainer, Mr. John Bouse, has over twenty-five years of teaching experience. He was additionally awarded a diploma by the College of Teachers in 2014 for his completion of Effective Course Tutoring and Teaching of New Teachers. Choose our International TEFL academy.


  • Moreover, Canterbury English is an institutional member the College of Teachers since 2005, as well as being a member of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. We have been awarded the prestigious Golden Laurel in 1999 from the Madrid City Hall and Radio Turismo, as well as the Golden Medal from the Province of Madrid in the year 2000.
  • To top that off we were awarded the National Merit Award of Spain in 2001 for the excellence of our programs. Former Canterbury English TEFL graduates are currently teaching across the world and covering the five continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Latin America with our prestigious Canterbury English TEFL Certificate.


  • About our IATQuO Accrediting Process

  • Canterbury English TEFL is currently undergoing the validating phases of the IATQuO accrediting organization. We decided to enhance our original accreditation with a second one and we chose IATQuO, because it is more specialized in TESOL/TEFL validation of Teacher Training courses in Europe and abroad.
  • This will support and insure, to an even higher degree, the quality of our TEFL certificate worldwide and it will validate our high international certificate standards. This is a guarantee for you that your Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate will be given a warm welcome in any school of any country and is your passport to finding a job outside of Spain.


  • Why has Canterbury decided to seek for additional Accreditation?

  • Canterbury English likes the idea of a small, specialized accrediting body that can give us personalized attention and specific guidelines to follow to point out to us areas that we can improve in that we ourselves may not be aware of. We are the answer to the question about a good International TEFL academy.
  • IATQuO provides that personal touch and concern that Canterbury English itself gives to its trainees and graduates. IATQuO is always close by and provides us with the support to keep our program evolving and most importantly, keep it on the cutting edge of TEFL programs worldwide.
  • IATQuO has a special feature, which is that it arranges symposiums on a regular basis. In this context the IATQuO validated programs can have a meeting of the minds and debate on different ideas and improvements. This all translates into top graduate performance and contentment.
  • We feel that a TEFL Certificate validated by the College of the Teachers as well as IATQuO, each one carrying a serial number that identifies the teacher as a Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate Graduate (facilitating its validity to employers, important, especially in the stricter Asian market), will enhance our reputation worldwide and will continue, after twenty years, to be the teaching passport that opens the doors to earn a high salary in the country of your dreams.
  • This may be Spain or Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas, but wherever that dream place is for you, our Certificate will take you there. With our International TEFL academy you’ll can to live in Spain.