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    If you were born in a country whose native language is English and are brought up speaking English, then you don’t have to study rocket science for ten years, medicine for eight or engineering for six to end up with a job, because you were born with a job, but you probably didn’t realize it!

    Why is that? Because thanks to the British empire, which lasted for two hundred years, followed by the American that will probably last a hundred, and then the globalization of the world, which started after the second world war, English developed into the second most important language for speakers around the planet, after their own native language. But as the letters of ESL says, English as a Second Language, being someone’s second language, they need to learn it and to learn it they need an English teacher.

    And that’s where we native and bilingual speakers come to play the field, the field being any country around the globe where we can work teaching English. Sure you can go and teach in Asia, South America and Africa, but let me tell you something, believe me, I’ve heard the stories, and Europe is a much more appealing place to live and teach.

    Our TEFL academy program

    English course in our TEFL academy

    And within Europe, for many reasons, Spain is king.  In addition to this, the Spanish empire lasted three hundred years, and Spanish, as a romance language, is the third most important spoken language (after your own and English). Not many native English speakers are going to learn fluent Chinese or Japanese, and even if they do, it’s not very useful outside of these countries.

    Of all the European languages, Spanish is by far the most useful and comes in very handy, if you want to travel the world, especially if you already speak English. Furthermore, learning and speaking a foreign language is a challenge and a heck of lot of fun. And once you learn the basics, you can practice every day in the street and meet lots of fun and interesting people who don’t speak English, so you have to communicate with them in Spanish.

    This brings us to the question, who takes the Canterbury English TEFL academy course?

    The answer is anyone who is a native English speaker or who is bilingual. Naturally, if you have a successful and fulfilling career and are a heart surgeon in a major hospital, a top civil engineer earning a huge salary, a Wall Street lawyer, an Opera singer, a photographer for National Geographic, a top model or a movie star, you’re probably not going to give up your job and come and do the Canterbury English TEFL academy course and teach English with Canterbury English.

    However, for the rest of us lesser mortals, it’s not a bad option! And doing so might be just as fascinating a job as the former list, with the only difference being that you’re not going to become a millionaire teaching English. But you will have three day weekends, lots of Spanish holidays and you can live a very fulfilling life.

    So which group or category do you fit into?

    1) Just out of College and Need a One Year Sabbatical!

    Maybe you did a study abroad program somewhere around the world for a semester and loved it so much that you are back for more! Maybe you didn’t and one of your friends did and you went green with envy when they told you about all the amazing adventures they had! So you decided that not only are you going to study abroad, but you are also going to teach abroad.

    And a semester just ain’t enough! Or maybe you worked so hard during your four years at school and basically hardly saw anything else but a library cubicle and the overnight book room, where you spend many overnighters fueled by coffee. Now that you’ve graduated, you really need a break, because you can’t bear to think of doing exactly the same thing in an office job.

    Or perhaps you didn’t study all that hard at College, got through anyway, and figure, “hey, I’m not gonna get married and raise a family yet, and I need some adventure in my life, before I decide what I want to do next.” So now you are ready to go abroad to have the refreshing cultural experience of seeing how other people live on planet earth, before returning to a job and all the strings attached that you know is waiting for you back home. Or perhaps you are planning on going to grad school, but need a one year sabbatical and where could be better than in Madrid, Spain. Just be careful that it doesn’t convert into one, two, three or more years!

    Yes, there are certainly many different College scenarios that lead to someone study in our TEFL academy of English and job as a teacher.

    Some people say to themselves, “I love travelling, and I want to do it long term and not just the one week hula hula splurge in Hawaii and back to farm in Oklahoma for the next decade.” But the problem is, “I don’t have the funds to travel for a year. So, now what do I do?” That’s where we step in, because we give you:

    1. A place to live.
    2. A high quality, accredited TEFL academy course.
    3. A group of new friends.
    4. An office staff to support you and who you often make friends with.
    5. A Californian teacher and director who understands you and is behind you.
    6. A Job.
    7. Help with the transition to a new culture.
    8. A Spanish language and culture course, included in the programe of our TEFL academy.
    9. Links to the Spanish community on many different levels.
    10. The Canterbury English Club (interesting service of our TEFL academy).

    So, if you don’t have funds to travel, you can now do it with a little help from your friends here at Canterbury English!

    Some people think that teaching English isn’t a real job and is not going to help them find a real job in the future. It’s just a way to pass the time and to feed the travel wanderlust! Not true. You shouldn’t sell yourself short and underestimate the added value to you that this endeavor will give. Sure, there are set up costs, but once you are set up and rolling, then you’ve made it. You have just added enormous value onto your CV/resume, because most of your friends back home didn’t take the risk and do this. No risk, no gain. But with Canterbury English, there’s no risk involved.

    And don’t think that you’re not having an impact on the lives of the people around you. Your students need you. You are the bridge between cultures: theirs and the English speaking world. As a solid bridge that cars, buses, speed trains and railway freight wagons have to pass over, you need to know your stuff, which you do after the four week Canterbury English TEFL academy course. As a cultural bridge, you are having a daily impact on your students’ lives. You are also providing them with leisure, and they are often having a great time with you and you with them.

    One of the directors of the Banco March, a very rich Spanish bank, was in Canterbury doing class this morning and her teacher, Art, mentioned that Lola had just told him that her English lesson was the highlight of her day and she wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world! So as you can see, the valuable help, assistance and quality of English teaching that we are giving students has a profound impact on their personal and professional lives.

    Because Madrid is abounding in multinational, European and Spanish national companies, you will be teaching many business professionals and business executives and helping them with their day to day work. How many people get the chance to walk into a multinational company and take the elevator to the top floor and have the CEO of a company like Coca-Cola waiting for you. Not many! But you as the English teacher do it on a regular basis and for that hour or two of class, you are the boss, not the CEO, because you are the English teacher and have to run the show!

    You help him with emails to Germany, preparing an important meeting on the new sugar tax in London, assist him in setting up a five country Pan-European teleconference and prepare his presentation with him for the yearly CEO meeting in Atlanta. This will give you an insight into a possible future career that you would never have the opportunity to experience back home delivering pizza.

    After the adventure is over, when a director of personnel reads your CV/resume and sees that you have lived and worked in Madrid, the capital city of Spain and have letters of reference from the Canterbury English Language Academy and from the Canterbury English TEFL Program and the directors of multinational companies, where you have taught and a TEFL certification that says you speak Spanish, WOW!!! He or she will be blown away. You have just added some big zeros onto your future salary (because the job is yours for sure) and to boot you have memories of your time in Spain to fuel a lifetime and so many stories to tell your friends and future children around a Sunday barbecue!

    2) Career Changers

    You have decided to switch the office job for a job with Canterbury English. After graduating from University, you have worked an office job (or any kind of job) year after a year, and you have had enough. Many people, maybe like yourself, who sign up for our TEFL academy program have worked in law, marketing, real estate, finance, public relations, sales, information technology and a long etc.

    One day you wake up staring at the ceiling and say to yourself, “I’m just not happy.” Getting to your position in the company has taken many years of study, a grueling commute to work every day and then the competition with peers and the struggle to get promoted and when the promotion arrives, the realization that the dream goal, once achieved, still doesn’t make you happy. Those long working hours that you have to put in to stay ahead or to just stay even with the rest, don’t give you a balance between work and leisure and doing what you love doing. You read magazines that promise the perfect balance, but in your reality, and most people’s, it’s not happening.

    And then you realize something very important. You don’t have a husband or wife and three children to anchor you to one harbor and are free to make your own decisions and are able to pick up and move countries. You have realized that Spain is an amazing country to live and work in. You have also heard that in the teaching English field, there is rarely a dull moment. You need to jump start your soul again after years of not quite being satisfied. And this is the big opportunity of your life; to try something new and stimulating in all senses of the word. Then this is the TEFL academy course and this is the job for you!

    Getting up and leaving your job and career is naturally a big move, but many people have established themselves so well in their profession that they know that the doors are going to be open for them if they want to return after a year in Madrid with Canterbury English. So, maybe for you doing the best tefl courses with us is a pause for a year or two, until you learn enough Spanish to return to your former profession, but with the added advantage of being able to speak Spanish. This can greatly help you professionally. And sometimes you are able to get a job in your  former profession in Madrid itself.

    However, often you don’t go back home and return to your former job and the 9-5 routine, because you have become so addicted to your new and amazing existence in Madrid, that it’s now a question of “never looking back”. You are living the good Mediterranean lifestyle! You work four days a week, have regular siestas (and can’t imagine life anymore without siestas), eat lunch and dinner late, stay up late to enjoy the vibrant city nights, get up late the next day and have breakfast at 11 am and think to yourself, “no way am I going to go back to my previous life!” and “I can’t believe it took me so long to get here!” So test tefl jobs abroad that we offer.

    3) Teaching as a Hobby for the Retired or the Financially Secure

    You have made an early retirement or a late retirement and you are still full of beans and in good health. Wes our TEFL academy candidate from Arizona is a whopping 85 years young and still jogs every day. He’s our mutual hero, because we wanna be like him at 85. So, in the English teaching business, it’s never too late!

    You have plenty of money in the bank and don’t really need to work or don’t want to dip into those funds and teaching is the perfect job to pay for your living expenses and to keep you busy and in the stream of life. Or you have a house that’s free and clear and have found a renter to pay you a monthly sum of money, so you are free to move around and why not try your hand at teaching overseas.

    Many of you have a professional background and this helps us place you with professionals and business executives in companies. Because of your past experience, you would be very useful to them and would be able to give them expert help with the intricacies of their professional activities. Teaching English in Madrid with Canterbury English and other schools is a fascinating experience, where you meet high flying people from all walks of life, including the artistic, political, scientific and business fields.

    We also have famous Spanish actors, politicians, theatre directors and dancers who are our students, and this makes the job even more interesting. Just this morning we have landed a new client who wants a Canterbury English teacher to help her translate a theatre production from Spanish to English.

    And the result is that you are combining an active and appealing profession, with having lots of free time to do things in life that make you truly happy.

    So as you can see, there are many different scenarios possible, and perhaps you fit into one of them, because, as we mentioned before, being born in an English speaking country, means you were born with a job. Just leave it to the Canterbury English TEFL Academy Course to adapt you to the market. And you should count your lucky stars, because you have certainly fallen into good and expert hands!

    Take a look at some of the people who have taken our course in the TEFL academy

    For more information, email Richard at infotefl@canterburyenglish.com