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  • Who takes the Canterbury English TEFL Academy Course? TEFL Spain

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    If you were born in a country whose native language is English and are brought up speaking English, then you don’t have to study rocket science for ten years; medicine for eight; or engineering for six to end up with a job: because you were born with a job, but you probably didn’t realize it!

    Why is that? Because thanks to the British empire, which lasted for two hundred years, followed by the American that will probably last a hundred, and then the globalization of the world, which started after the second world war, English developed into the second most important language for speakers around the planet, after their own native language. But as the letters of ESL says, English as a Second Language, being someone’s second language, they need to learn it and to learn it they need an English teacher.

    And that’s where we native and bilingual speakers come to play the field. The field being any country around the globe where we can work teaching English. Sure you can go and teach in Asia, South America and Africa, but we recommend you don´t miss out on Europe either.

    Come to our TEFL Academy in Spain


    English course in our TEFL Spain Academy

    Within Europe, for many reasons, Spain is Queen. The Spanish empire lasted three hundred years, and Spanish, as a romance language, is the third most spoken world language. You can learn Chinese or Japanese, but it won´t be very useful outside of their countries.

    Of all the European languages, Spanish is by far the most useful and comes in very handy if you want to travel the world. More to that, learning and speaking a foreign language is a challenge and a heck of lot of fun. Once you learn the basics, you can practice every day with people you meet.

    This brings us to the question, who takes the Canterbury English TEFL Academy course?

    The answer is anyone who is a native English speaker or who is bilingual. Naturally, if you have a successful and fulfilling career and are a heart surgeon in a major hospital, a top civil engineer earning a huge salary, a Wall Street lawyer, an Opera singer, a photographer for National Geographic, a top model or a movie star, you’re probably not going to give up your job and come and do the Canterbury English (look our the TEFL academy reviews) course and teach English with Canterbury English.

    However, for the rest of us lesser mortals, it’s not a bad option! And doing so might be just as fascinating a job as the former list, with the only difference being that you’re not going to become a millionaire teaching English. But you will have three day weekends, lots of Spanish holidays and you can live a very fulfilling life.


    See our the tefl academy reviews. TEFL Spain and TEFL Madrid

    So which group or category do you fit into?

    1) Just out of College and Need a One Year Sabbatical!

    Maybe you did a study abroad program somewhere around the world for a semester and loved it! Maybe you didn’t but one of your friends did and told you about all the amazing adventures they had! So you decide that you are going to study abroad, and also going to teach abroad.

    Or perhaps you didn’t study all that hard at College, got through anyway, and figured, “hey, I’m not gonna get married and raise a family yet, and I need some adventure in my life.” So now you are ready to go abroad to have the refreshing cultural experience of seeing how other people live. Or perhaps you are planning on going to grad school, but need a one year sabbatical!

    2) Career Changers

    You have decided to switch the office job for a job with Canterbury English. After graduating from University, you have worked an office job (or any kind of job) year after a year, and you have had enough. Many people, maybe like yourself, who sign up for our TEFL Spain program have worked in law, marketing, real estate, finance, public relations, sales, information technology and a long etc.

    One day you wake up staring at the ceiling and say to yourself, “I’m just not happy.” Getting to your position in the company has taken many years of study; a grueling commute to work every day and then the competition with peers and the struggle to get promoted. Those long working hours to stay ahead don’t give you the much needed balance between work and leisure.

    Eventually, you realize something very important. You don’t have a husband or wife and three children to anchor you to one harbor and you are free to pick up and move countries; have realized that Spain is an amazing country to live and work in; have also heard that in the teaching English field, there is rarely a dull moment. You need to jump start your soul again after years of not quite being satisfied. And this is the big opportunity of your life; to try something new and stimulating in all senses of the word. Then this is the TEFL Madrid course and this is the job for you!

    Check the tefl Madrid jobs abroad that we offer.

    3) Teaching as a Hobby for the Retired or the Financially Secure

    You have made an early retirement or a late retirement and you are still full of beans and in good health. Wes, our candidate from Arizona, is a whopping 85 years young and still jogs every day. He’s our mutual hero, because we wanna be like him at 85. So, in the English teaching business, it’s never too late!

    You have plenty of money in the bank and don’t really need to work or don’t want to dip into those funds and teaching is the perfect job to pay for your living expenses and to keep you busy and in the stream of life. Or you have a house that’s free and clear and have found a renter to pay you a monthly sum of money, so you are free to move around and why not try your hand at teaching overseas.

    Take a look at some of the people who have taken our course and know the TEFL academy reviews.

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