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Football in Spain – The National Sport

Real Madrid or Barcelona? Ronaldo or Messi? These are typical questions you hear from Spaniards when they meet each other. As you can see, football in Spain is an important topic; it involves not only sports but also culture, lifestyle, and politics… Football is Spain’s national sport and easily the country’s most important mass movement and […]

Spanish Gastronomy – The Delicious Paella

                Gastronomy Gastronomy is one of the biggest Spanish successes all over the world. Spanish food is well considered everywhere both for its quality and for being very healthy. The Spanish food culture is a varied form of preparing different dishes; a variety that can be seen in the different types of foods in the […]

The drive behind Canterbury English Teachers’ Blog on Madrid & Spain

We would like to tell a little story, that some people might be able to identify with; if not with the details, then perhaps with the message. Mid-Life Crisis alert We all hear about the mid-life crisis syndrome and if you haven’t had it, you might wonder what it’s about. I would say that in […]

A day in the life of a English teacher in Madrid

Our alumnus shares his insider look on teaching English in Madrid Find out more about the reason that brought Rick to Madrid   It’s morning, 7AM exactly, and the alarm is going crazy. I get up, take a shower, drink up my coffee and run. What´s wrong with this picture? Nothing, absolutely nothing, I love […]

Where to find the best tortilla in Madrid

There has always been a debate regarding the best cuisine in the world. In Italy you can have the best plate of spaghettis imaginable, or the most perfectly cooked lasagna you will ever encounter. You can find wonderful cheeses all around the country, either up north where you can have amazing parmesan or the most […]

Finding work in Spain & How Canterbury English can help

Many native and bilingual English speakers, and teachers from around the world want to come to  Spain to live and work. For non-Europeans, it is almost impossible to get a job at an English school in Madrid or find work anywhere in Spain. You rarely, if ever, see English teaching jobs from Spain offered internationally. […]

Who takes the Canterbury English TEFL Academy Course?

If you were born in a country whose native language is English and are brought up speaking English, then you don’t have to study rocket science for ten years; medicine for eight; or engineering for six to end up with a job: because you were born with a job, but you probably didn’t realize it! […]

Top 25 amazing blogs about Madrid

Moving to a new city can always be hard at first, here´s a trusted  list of fun and trendy guides and blogs to make your new Madrid life easier: Be Madrid Be Madrid is a blog for expats and students studying abroad. They give advice on finding housing, cheap activities and excursions, and even survival […]

Great reasons for coming to Spain and teaching English

If you decided to live an adventure and experience new things, then working abroad is the best solution for you. With our TEFL programme you’ll work teaching English in Spain. It´s a perfect way to get to know other cultures, travel, meet new people and learn new languages. In this post you can find many reasons […]

How to be a perfect candidate for ESL teaching position

There are several skills that the employers expect from you as an ESL teacher. One of our head trainer James, who has been teaching English in Madrid for many years, gave us a perfect comprehension of what kind of competences the employers are looking for in ESL teachers. Having such a huge teaching experience in […]

How to write a winning resume

Writing a resume can be a difficult task because you are not sure what information you should put or which one to leave out. Here are several tips that will help represent you in the best way. Focus on the typical form When you write a resume you should follow several standpoints as some of […]