How Does the Guaranteed Job in Madrid with us work? Come to teach english abroad paid

Come to Canterbury English ,work & teach english abroad and get paid.

Yes, you can teach english abroad with us


  • 1. First of all, Canterbury English only accepts into its program the number of students that it can give a job to in order to fulfill our guaranteed job offer with Canterbury English. This varies according to the month of the program. For example, there are more spaces available from June to February than March to May. The reason for this is that we have a significantly higher demand for classes from June to February than in March to May, so we limit the space in the program in March to May, so as to fulfill our money back guarantee* that ensures you get between 8 to 12 hours of work before the 30 day money back deadline.


  • *What if we exceed the 30 day limit and you only have, for example nine hours a week?  That same day, all the class offers emailed to our teachers are first reviewed by you and you get first choice of all the daily class offers. This guarantees that if you receive less hours, you would be given top priority and that would solve the problem very soon.


  • 2. In a certain month, if you see that the program is full, it is for one of two reasons a) We have reached the limit of 12 students per class b) We have reached the job guarantee limit and cannot accept any more students into the program for that month. This means that you would have to sign up for the next available month.


  • 3. Once you have completed the first two weeks of the TEFL course, on the tenth day, a Friday, we register you in our Canterbury English Intranet.


  • 4. On the eleventh day, a Monday, at 3pm you will receive your first class offers*. We send out two different emails a day with class offers. The first is at 3pm (classes sold in the morning) and the second is at 6 pm (classes sold in the afternoon). The number of new class offers in each email is between one and ten depending on how many classes our sales team has sold that morning/afternoon. This is an incredible number of class offers a day and we don’t know any school in Madrid that has as many daily class offers as Canterbury English. Please see an example of a random selection of real-live class offers from the week of February 14th at the end of this section.


  • *For the August course the reception of class offers happens about a week later, because the course takes place during the August Spanish vacation period in Spain (ie. most of Spain, and Europe, is on the beach!)


  • 5. You email, whatsapp , call or come by and tell our scheduling department which offer you want.


  • 6. We get a list of for example three teachers who want a certain class. This is how we decide who gets the class. a) Your schedule: two of the teachers have a fuller schedule than you do, so you get the class. This way we build up everybody’s schedule on an even par. Susan has 10 hours Jane has 12 hours and Cassey has 14 hours, so the class goes to Susan. Sometimes the client asks for specific things such as a female teacher or a male teacher, British or American. But this is usually only one out of ten, so if it’s a male or female it will be specified and teachers respond accordingly.


  • 7. Because we start building up your schedules on the eleventh day, we have 45 days to get you a minimum of 10 hours. We usually give most student-teachers 15 to 20 hours but we prefer to play it safe and be conservative in our estimates. So we spend an intensive 45 days prioritizing you for classes.


  • 8. After these 45 days are up and you are launched as a teacher with a full schedule, then we pass to the next phase which is schedule maintenance. Canterbury English is the only TEFL program that mentions schedule maintenance.


  • 9. The other programs talk about getting you a guaranteed job. That’s like an old Hollywood movie when the couple in love gets married, go on a honeymoon and hang a do not disturb sign on the hotel bedroom door and “live happily ever after.” You don’t see the next day when the wife is throwing plates at her husband who’s left his socks on the sofa (or visa versa!). That’s kind of the way it is in the TEFL market. It sounds great, but… reality is…


  • 10. This does not happen at Canterbury English, you will have schedule maintenance for the rest of your stay in Madrid. You lose a class, we replace it. It’s that simple.


  • 11. When you receive the acceptance from scheduling for the class offer you have asked for, you come in to the office and pick up the new student information for the student and class details for yourself and then you are all set to go. We call the client and confirm that you are the new teacher and then everything for that class is set up. You can now prepare for the first class with the student.


  • 12.This procedure is repeated for each new class that you want.




  • 1. On the 25th of the month in progress you will receive an email from scheduling to let you know that you can sign up for a pay appointment. Pay week starts on the first of the following month and goes on for between 3-5 days starting at 10am and ending at 2pm. You sign up for a pay appointment with Richard that best suites you and you come in and you and Richard review your classes together and he pays you in cash.


  • 2. As we are all teachers at Canterbury English and know what it is like, we have found that the most teacher friendly system is to start paying teachers on the first day of the month.


  • 3. The advantages of this system. Every English school has a different pay system. Canterbury has a very advanced intranet for pay appointments and class administration that has been ten years in the making. You input your hours into the Canterbury Intranet My Hours program. You have a digital calendar, which you fill out for all your scheduled classes. This generates a pay sheet which Richard uses to pay you.


  • 4. When you work for other schools, you will find that many of them do things by hand! Other schools pay sometime during the two weeks following the month you have done classes. This means you have to convince your landlord to wait a week or two for their rent money.


  • 5. At Canterbury, we always pay you on the first weekdays of the month. We know you have to pay your travel pass on the first day of the month, as well as rent during the first days of the month, not to mention basic amenities such as food and going out to the pub!


  • 6. Our companies sometimes pay us up to six months late. We often have to finance our companies until they pay us, but that’s our problem, you must be paid (because to teach english in other countries and earn money, its our offer), no matter what, precisely and on time, like a railroad clock, during the first days of the month. Many a teacher has come to us and said, “Wow! I have worked for many academies and Canterbury English is the only one who pays religiously and always on time.”


  • No teacher for Canterbury English in Madrid has ever gone unpaid over the last twenty years. Sounds normal by US or British standards, but in Spain, there’s a lot of stories out there… This is also inside information that only 30 years of experience running a language school and twenty years experience running a TEFL training program will give you. Not something other TEFL programs will ever mention. So as you can see, Canterbury English is a sure bet for many different reasons.


  • 7. As you can see, Canterbury English is the Real Deal!


Come to Canterbury English work and teach english abroad paid





  • Here are today’s new classes you may be interested in. Please let me know ASAP by telephone (637.102.244), whatsapp or email if you want one of these classes.


  • Offer One: February 14th
Teacher Detail Native or Bilingual
Pay Rate N1: 16€/hour + 0(ETS2)/class
Class Details  It can be 2 days a week 1h class or 1 day a week 2h class

She prefers the first option.

Week Days Preferred Day(s):  Mondays,Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays
Preferred Time 20:00-22:00
Time Flexibility Earliest Start Time:  19:45

  • Latest Start Time:  20:15
Dates Start Date: As soon as possible

  • Scheduled End Date: June 30th
Student Details Student(s): Blanca A

  • Level: Lower Elementary
Class Aims Blanca wants to practice her English conversation to improve her understanding and fluency. As she has a lower level, she will need solid grammar support and she would possibly like to study for a Cambridge exam in the future when she feels more confident about her level.
Metro Quevedo


  • Offer Two: February 14th
Teacher Detail Native or Bilingual
Pay Rate N1: 16€/hour + 2 (ETS2)
Class Details  Length: 2h     # Days/Week: 1
Week Days Preferred Day(s):  Fridays
Preferred Time 17:00-19:00
Time Flexibility Earliest Start Time: 16:45

  • Latest Start Time:  17:15
Dates Start Date: As soon as possible

  • Scheduled End Date: June 30th
Student Details Student(s): Laura C (She would like classes for her and her husband, 1 hour each student)

  • Level: Laura: Lower Intermediate, Husband: Upper Intermediate
Class Aims Laura wants to practice her English with a lot of grammar and phonetic support. Her husband has a higher level and would like to focus the class on conversation and Business English to prepare him for meetings with German, French and British customers.
Metro San Lorenzo



  • Offer Three: February 14th
Teacher Detail Native female
Pay Rate N1: 16€/hour + 1(ETS2)/class
Class Details  Length: 2h     # Days/Week: 2
Week Days Preferred Day(s):  Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays
Preferred Time 17:30-19:30
Time Flexibility Earliest Start Time:  17:30 thats when Sofia gets home from school

  • Latest Start Time: –
Dates Start Date: As soon as possible

  • Scheduled End Date: sometime in June
Student Details Student(s): Fran Ra. Fran wants classes for himself and his daughter, Sofia, who is five years old.

  • Level: Fran: Intermediate. Sofia: Elementary
Class Aims Fran: Conversation with a focus on cooking, as he loves to cook.

  • Sofia: Start learning the language with songs, games and exercises that will keep her attention and interest and keep her laughing (her Dad says she’s really a fun kid), so that she can develop a love for English from a young age.
Metro Pio XII



  • Offer Four: February 14th
Teacher Detail Native
Pay Rate N1: 16€/hour + 0(ETS2)/class
Class Details  Length: 1h     # Days/Week: 1
Week Days Preferred Day(s):  Mondays & Thursdays
Preferred Time 18:30-19:30
Time Flexibility Earliest Start Time: 18:00

  • Latest Start Time: 19:00
Dates Start Date: As soon as possible

  • Scheduled End Date: June 15th
Student Details Student(s): María P (Adult)

  • Level: Advanced
Class Aims María is a pharmacist and because of her job, she wants to practice and improve her pharmaceutical vocabulary. She works in a neighborhood where she has to attend many tourists and foreigners with health issues and who ask for prescriptions and advice in English. María wants to be able to communicate better with her clients so she can prescribe the right medicines.
  • Gregorio Marañon



  • Offer Five: February 14th
Teacher Detail Native or Bilingual
Pay Rate N1: 16€/hour + 3 (ETS2)/class
Class Details  Length: 2h     # Days/Week: 1
Week Days Preferred Day(s): The class can take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays
Preferred Time She doesn’t care
Time Flexibility Earliest Start Time:  8:00 am

  • Latest Start Time:  8:30 am
Dates Start Date: As soon as possible

  • Scheduled End Date: end June
Student Details Student(s): Lauren C (She wants classes for her and the husband (both adults). 1h each person)

  • Level: Lauren (lower intermediate)
  • Husband (upper intermediate)
Class Aims Lauren: She is a business executive and has worked in a national Spanish company for many years where English has not been needed. Her company was recently bought by an American multinational and so she has to improve her English fast. Grammar, phonetics, conversation, meetings, telephone English, email correction and she wants her mistakes to be corrected with the Canterbury English laser method which she thought was really interesting and which convinced her to sign up w CE.

  • Husband: Lauren’s husband is a stay-at-home Dad and he takes care of their three young kids. He just wants to practice conversation and have a good time in class as well as helping his kids with their homework.
Metro Fuencarral + 11 minute walk




  • Offer Six: February 14th
Teacher Detail Native
Pay Rate N1: 16€/hour + 4(ETS2)/class
Class Details  Length: 1.5h     # Days/Week: 2
Week Days Preferred Day(s):  Mondays and Wednesday
Preferred Time 17:00-18:30 or 17:30-19:00
Time Flexibility Earliest Start Time:  17:00

  • Latest Start Time:  17:30
Dates Start Date: As soon as possible

  • Scheduled End Date: end June
Student Details Student(s): Luisa R (She needs a teacher for her two kids. Oscar (13 years old) & Samuel (14 years old). On Mondays one kid and on Wednesday the other one.

  • Level: Elementary
Class Aims Review what they are learning at school. Help with their English homework. Class discipline is important with these two teenagers. Their mother says that Oscar gets distracted easily and Samuel likes to fool around and play the clown a lot in class. The mother wants the teacher to keep these teenagers in line so they can settle down and study. Also, Samuel has to prepare the Pet exam.

  • Bus
No metro

  • Zone Pozuelo, take 561 bus from Moncloa


That is why with us you can an opportunity to earn a salary by teaching English away from your country, coming to Madrid, Spain.

  • *Note 1: Native (N):  is born in USA, GB, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Bilingual is born in another country with a Bilingual (B) English level.
  • *Note 2: Native born teachers can chose both Native and Bilingual classes. Bilingual teachers can chose only Bilingual classes.
  • *Note 3: ETS: Extra Travel Supplement per class.


  • We hope you are able to choose some of today’s selection of classes.
  • Good luck and we would love to see you at our Canterbury English Club event this week, red hot Valetine Week’s Flamenco Night!
  • Come and clap your hands and sing with us “Olé Paquito!”
  • Have a great day!

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