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120 Hour Job in Madrid

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Overview of all Eight Courses TEFL Spain

Madrid lifestyle

If you already have a TEFL/CELTA/TESOL Certificate, have either an EU or Non-EU passport and you would like to move to Madrid and Teach English. 🏆 Most Popular Program.

Study abroad teaching English

If your goal is to earn a TEFL Certificate and live in Madrid, Spain on a one year student visa and teach English with Canterbury English. 🥈 2nd Highest Rated Program.


This is a real and live education that will sculpt you into a genuine teacher with all the necessary tools  of the trade to become a educator.


If you want to earn an onsite, in-person (for those who come to Madrid) or live online Zoom for a Masters in TEFL

Virtual TEFL Course of 4 weeks

Our Canterbury English state of the art trainers will guide you through each exciting module during the four week Virtual Course.

Virtual TEFL Spain Program

A far cry from the typical “online TEFL Spain course” our sophisticated program is taught using our interactive platform.

June TEFL & Summer camp

If you want to earn an accredited 120 hour TEFL certificate in June and teach in a summer camp in July & August (or July only), then this is the course for you!

Summer in Spain lifestyle program

If you want to teach in a summer camp in July & August, then this is the program for you!

Contact us please

A dream country where you can complete your studies and work with us as an English teacher. You can email your queries to Richard at

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