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    First and foremost, we would like to present to you Mr. John Bouse, who we feel is the greatest and wisest TEFL instructor in Spain. We sometimes lightheartedly call the CE TEFL Program, the John Bouse Experience.


    Not only is John the Director of the Canterbury English TEFL Program, but he also helped found it with Richard and James Clarke in 1998.


    Although we have a number of assistant TEFL instructors, like a good football team, John is the experienced and veteran captain.


    Anybody who is lucky enough to be accepted into the CE TEFL program and have John as an instructor, will tell you things like, “up until now the best teacher I ever had in my life was Mr. Jones in High School or Bobby Smith in University,” until they do the TEFL course with John.


    Time and time again, we hear from graduates that their favorite all time teacher has finally been surpassed by JB, as we affectionately call him. John is an eminence in the TEFL field and second to none. No other program can compete with Canterbury English, as far as the quality of the course itself, and the teaching that you receive during the course. Thanks to John, our program is in another, higher dimension, not accessible to TEFL trainers in any other school across the country.


    Just as an example, in terms of an English school, Canterbury English can sell itself as being the best English School in Madrid, but if the teacher we send into a client is just middling to good, then no matter how well organized we are, no matter how many glossy brochures we send out, we are as good as the teacher that teaches the class. The teacher is the be all and the end all of what we do. That is why we trust you with our best clients, even before the TEFL program has finished, because we know that you are being trained by the finest, and you will be molded into a great teacher, that is why we trust you, thanks to John Bouse.

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    So the fact that Canterbury English has John Bouse is the same as Real Madrid having Cristiano Ronaldo, nobody else can compete with that. You are going to be in class with him for a month, and even if an organization has better marketing than we do, better networking than we do, we have the greatest TEFL instructor that ever walked the streets of Madrid. And, because Canterbury English likes to put its money where its mouth is, if you find a better TEFL instructor, Richard Clarke will personally refund your full TEFL program cost. That is how certain he is that you will come to him on your first pay day and say, “Richard, you were right, John is the greatest and most memorable teacher that I have ever had in my life.”