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  • How to write a winning resume

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    Writing a resume can be a difficult task because you are not sure what information you should put or which one to leave out. Here are several tips that will help represent you in the best way.

    Focus on the typical form

    When you write a resume you should follow several standpoints as some of them are mandatory and have to be written down such as contact information, education and trainings/seminars, work experience, achievements or hobbies.

    Be creative as much as you can

    When you apply for a job be sure there are hundreds of other applicants applying for the same job. Several reasons such as misspellings, awkward fonts or an unclear form can get your resume disregarded and rejected. You have to double check, pay attention to details so that your resume is flawless.

    The quality of resume has no connection with its length

    You should write a short and comprehendible resume. There is not enough time for employers to read all the resumes line by line. You should put only proper information in a maximum of two pages of A4 papers.

    Adjust your information to the position you are applying for

    You should carefully read the job requirements and responsibilities to write a suitable resume. Your resume is technically your first interview so you should create something that will show your relevant competences and will go hand in hand with the position you have applied.

    How to write a winning resume


    Always check your resume and update it

    It is essential to regularly update your resume. Every time you take part in a training course/seminar or volunteering activity, make sure to write include it in your resume!

    Put in references if you have

    If you have references from your previous employers, it’s a a great idea to include them as well. They are literally validating evidence of your competences and experience. Even a teacher can give a reference that you can use in your resume.

    Give a timeline

    When you are looking for a job in a foreign country, you should decide how long you are going to stay. Whether you are there for a year or permanently, your future employers will need to know specific timings and dates. On another great note, Canterbury English School helps all of its graduates prepare a good resume before applying to jobs.

    Good luck!

December 2022