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    • Many veteran teachers come to Canterbury English after having worked their whole lives, some as teachers, others with various career paths as well as teaching and still others who have never taught before, but would like to begin a new adventure for themselves here in Madrid, Spain.


    • Some teachers after they reach a certain age, for example can’t continue teaching in places like Asia or the Middle East, because of visa renewal problems, whereas in Spain there is no maximum age to get the student visa to teach with us.


    • Canterbury English has a range of teachers as young as 18 and as old as teachers in their seventies. Our famous recent applicant and hero, Wes a former piano technician from Arizona was 85 when he applied and he’s still going strong! In fact we have many mature and widely experienced teachers in their 60’s and 70’s. In Spain, given the option, clients often prefer an older, well-traveled, veteran teacher who can bring their multifaceted culture and experience to enrich the classes.


    • Older and more mature applicants who are interested in beginning a new cycle and life for themselves here in Spain are very welcome and it is always a pleasure when you become a part of our Canterbury English ex-pat family, as you often become a mentor for the younger, less life-experienced teachers.