Virtual TEFL Course (4 week)

The Canterbury English Virtual TEFL Program! A far cry from the typical “online TEFL course”

How to become TEFL certified?

  • Presenting the one and only Canterbury English Virtual TEFL Program! A far cry from the typical “online TEFL course,” our sophisticated program is taught using our interactive platform. We show you how to become TEFL certified.
  • Our Canterbury English state of the art trainers will guide you through each exciting module during the four week Virtual program. As well as the course itself, you’ll be given two weeks of self-study project work to finish in order to earn your valuable International TEFL Certificate.
  • The Canterbury English Virtual TEFL Certificate is the only accredited certificate that includes an online job with our Global online partner, as well as a dedicated staff 100% behind you, and the key practical experience, all together in a flex part-time schedule that you can take from anywhere around the world.


Program cost and details


  • PROGRAM COST:  1,150Euros


Live your life in Madrid with our teaching abroad programs


What is added benefits do you get in the course price?




  • ◾ An Accredited TEFL Certificate to Teach English
  • ◾ 120 hour TEFL Program
  • ◾ Four Weeks of innovative classes & teaching training
  • ◾ Observed student teaching with real students
  • ◾ Two weeks of home study for final projects
  • ◾ Expert TEFL instructors to guide you
  • ◾ Course Materials
  • ◾ Special Children’s Module
  • ◾ Special Business English Module
  • ◾ Online Job with our Global EPartner


Spanish Classes


  • ❤ Two weeks Spanish classes through our Online Platform




  • ◾ Automatic Acceptance, Visa Programs in Madrid
  • ◾ Teacher trainer and staff assistance before, during & after program
  • ◾ Lifetime support from Canterbury English




  • 🔹 Guaranteed 10-20 teaching hours per week
  • 🔹 Superior Resume Sending Service
  • 🔹 Job support around the world
  • 🔹 Select admission top jobs in the market


  • This it’s de answer to your question about how to become TEFL certified.
  • Now’s the time to embark on this new, exciting Canterbury English Adventure!
Duration 4 Weeks
ELIGIBILITY: College Degree or Equivalent (some acceptions)
EU or Non-EU passport
COURSE FEE: 1,150€
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    Email for Info

    Email Richard (infotefl@canterburyenglish.com) and he will send you the information you need to decide if this is for you.

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    Fill out Application

    After you have read the information and are familiar with our organization, we will send you an application form.

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    Application Decision

    After you have completed your application and sent it to us, within 3-5 days it will be reviewed and a decision will be made.

Alumini Testimonials

  • I would like to share with you my experiences in teaching English at Canterbury English in Madrid. I am from the Philippines and have been living in Madrid for 8 years now and I never expected to become an English teacher.Read more

    Joy Samson, EEUU
  • I am someone who has become a professional English teacher with Canterbury English and I look on this as a full time career. No doubt about it, there are unfortunately other less than reputable schools and TEFL courses out there who are all too happy to take your money, farm you out to fend for yourself, as well as leaving you unprepared for the realities of teaching. Read more

    Christopher A. Wilson, EEUU
  • I have graduated with a TEFL certificate from Canterbury English in the month of January, 2010. When I look back at my time with them, I see it as one of the most pivotal points in my whole career and also in my life.Read more

    Erin Rock, EEUU