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The Canterbury English Academy and the Canterbury English TEFL is founded by Americans, run by Americans and taught by Americans


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    We Hire Americans

    We are Americans and we hire Americans (we use the word Americans to refer to Americans and Canadians)


    Percentage of Americans that do TEFL and work with CE

    75%* of our TEFL program are Americans and 75% of our teachers are Americans.


    American Friendly

    We are American friendly because we are Americans and we cater to Americans.


    The Student Work Visa and Lifetime Employment for Americans

    If you do one of our two programs a) the Study Abroad Teaching English with TEFL and Spanish (1 year) Program b) Madrid Lifestyle (Non-EU) we will do the following for you:

    Year One: 1 Year Student Visa (this includes 9 months of Spanish classes: See program price) & provide 50% of you work schedule

    Year Two: 1 Year Student Visa (this includes 9 months of Spanish classes: FREE!) & provide 50% of you work schedule (if you want).

    Year Three: Offer you a formal working contract which includes residency in Spain & provide 50% of you work schedule (if you want).


    – All American teachers who have done one of our programs and start their third year with Canterbury English will get a guaranteed full working contract, which gives you Spanish residency. The first residency card is for one year. The second residency card is for five years.

    I'm an american in Spain

    Why won’t Other TEFL Programs Do This?

    Because they can’t. They are TEFL programs and not a Language School and therefore cannot hire English teachers.


    Why won’t Other English Language Schools Do This (In most cases)?

    1. They are not a TEFL Program (nor a Spanish School) and can’t give accreditation for Study Abroad Visas.

    2. Other English schools hire Americans with the student visas that Canterbury English has sponsored, but rarely do they offer an American a full time contract.


    – The reason for this is that usually there is no need to hire Americans outside of the student visa work and study program, because there are plenty of TEFL certified British/Irish citizens who have work papers to hire on a full time contract to teach their classes.


    3. It is much easier to hire British/Irish citizens, as there is no red tape involved.

    4. It is an expensive and time consuming process to offer an American a full time contract that includes a one and then five year residency card.

    5. The founder has been living in Madrid for 25 years on a renewable residency card and is more than happy to do the same thing for you.


    How can Canterbury English cut through the Red Tape?

    1. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

    2. Canterbury English has a will to do this because we are American and we are specialized in cutting through the red tape for Americans.

    3. We have developed high level governmental contacts to help us do this.

    4. We have a whole department that is dedicated to acquiring work papers and Spanish residency for American citizens.

    Specialized in Hiring Americans
    • Why have we specialized in Hiring Americans?
    • Because Canterbury English is American. Consequently, we want to help out our compatriots, so that you can live the dream just like we are doing. If Hemingway could do it, so can you!


    • So really , how many hours can an American Teach on a Student Visa?
    • Jobs for Americans with a Student Visa means up to 92 hours (not 80) a month of Work. The work visa includes 20 hours of work per week, which is up to 92 hours a month. Except February, all the rest of the months of the year have more than 4 weeks (20 working days). Eleven months of the year have 21, 22 and 23 working days, so you are usually working 92 hours a month.


    • So  what is the Maximum Salary I Can Earn on 92 Hours a Month?
    • 92 hours * 16 Euros an hour = 1472 Euros a month.


    • Your Hours and Salary during your Third Year, when you are Hired Full Time
    • When you are hired full time by CE, you can work an unlimited number of hours.