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Canterbury English was founded by Richard Clarke in 1991 and Canterbury English TEFL and the Garcia Lorca Spanish School was founded in 2001 by Richard and James Clarke and John Bouse.


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    After many years of teaching experience in Madrid, and after running an English school for almost a decade, providing work for English teachers and training them informally, we thought that it was time to start our own official Teachers Training program, with a guaranteed job included, which we have been providing to thousands of our graduates ever since.Why Canterbury


    What’s the difference between a TEFL course that includes a job and one that, at best, just farms you out, promising you a job. Some, hedging their bets, say jobs go to our top graduates, while others even go so far out on a limb (or on a plank) as saying they have 100% job placement (farming out) success rate!!!


    Promises, promises, promises! Politicians make campaign promises…used car dealers make almost-brand-new promises… mom and pop make mom and pop promises… teenage lovers make romantic promises… and sometimes… they fulfill their promises … but sometimes… they don’t.


    And if they don’t and you have sold everything and have moved countries to do this course with its promised job, you feel the terrible uncertainty Wendy must have felt, when Pirate Captain Hook made her walk the plank over the Never Never Land sea, with a big bad Crocodile waiting down below, opening its jaws wide enough so you can see the alarm clock about to go off!!!!


    But don’t worry, Peter Pan, dressed in the green garb of Canterbury English, will fly down out of the ever-ever land blue, Madrid sky and come to your rescue.

    Garanteed jobs
    • Yes, we also promise everyone a job (scouts honor!), because we can hire 150 teachers a year, since we’ve been around since 1991, almost three decades, and have tons of real bona-fida work, at all levels of English class teaching. But if, for some reason, we can’t fulfill our promise, we add in a money back guarantee. Not for the whole program, because you have a TEFL certificate, a Spanish course, a year work visa and a job, but for 25% of the TEFL course.


    • Although this hasn’t happened yet, maybe, in the worst case scenario, we could only give you 8 or 9 hours of work a week (instead of the 10 hour minimum), before our 30 day, after the TEFL course is finished deadline is up. So we give you 300 Euros back to make up for this, and we prioritize you for more classes, so as few days as possible go by after the 30 day limit, to get you into the 10-15 hour a week Class Safety Zone.


    • With Canterbury English, you’re not thrown out into the cold… you’re not made to walk the plank… you’re not farmed out. Don’t sign up for Job Uncertainty, especially when we’re talking about bread and butter, your own bread and butter. Sign up for job safety, Sign up with Canterbury English!


    • Canterbury English has been providing job safety for almost three decades and we have been training English teachers for two decades.


    • If you would like to discover more things about our courses and receive the Canterbury English information booklets, you can fill out our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch with you ASAP.