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    You’ll do your TEFL program in the beautiful and classical Canterbury English TEFL Center in Calle Pizarro, right behind the Gran Via, the capital’s main thoroughfare. This luxurious center and its many classrooms have high, arching ceilings, romantic renaissance paintings, such as Botticelli’s Spring, Greek statues, such as goddess Athena and bucolic scenes of Roman countryside. You might close your eyes and open them again and find you’ve been transported to the Louvre museum or Rodin’s sculpture garden. 


    You are surrounded by silence and a loveliness that is highly conducive to create the ideal class and study ambience. Although you are in the very beating heart of Madrid, within this fascinating 16th century building with thick granite walls, you are completely isolated. It is almost as if you are living in the peace of a monastery, and this is conducive to getting the very best out of you, allowing you to perform at your highest potential. 


    There are two floors to roam with study rooms, bathrooms on each floor and a cafeteria, just for the TEFL students, where you can snack, eat lunch, drink tea or coffee or just kick back and enjoy the view! And because the Canterbury English TEFL Center includes a theatre, after the TEFL program finishes and in the evenings, you will be able to enjoy classical Spanish theater at special Canterbury English TEFL prices. Good to know to go with friends, or to take someone out on a date!





    Because of the highly intensive nature of the TEFL program, we believe it is best that you are isolated in the academic setting of the Canterbury English TEFL Center, until the new trained English teacher, you, have been born and have spread your wings and are ready to fly like an eagle.

    Colon Square in Madrid

    We want to keep you away from all the distractions of the real English teaching world, until the third or fourth week, when the paid practice teaching program begins to kick in. You’ve been challenged on all levels by the program and you are about to win the worth-its-weight in gold Canterbury English TEFL Certificate, your passport to traveling the world. And now it is time to get in contact with HQ.


    And that’s when you change neighborhoods, from the hustle and bustle of the Gran Via to the elegance of the Barrio de Salamanca. Yes, Canterbury English HQ is located just outside the shadow of the immense Spanish flag (largest in the world) that flies over the plaza de Colon (Columbus Square), amongst what is known to the Spanish as the golden mile, where the high class and luxurious shops of Spain are located.


    Yes, Calle Serrano is the Champs Elysee or Fifth Avenue of Madrid and Canterbury is located slap bang in the middle of it all. From a medieval fortress in the heart of old Madrid, to an 18th century building painted in baby blue pastel colors, upheld by a doric column in the Barrio de Salamanca. 


    Indeed it is true, the Garcia Lorca Spanish school classes and Canterbury English HQ are located in a duplex between London’s Pepe Jeans and Paris’s Geanare Lousiene: The height of international fashion, and just a short walk away from the fragrant rose gardens of Retiro Park, where you can relax, stroll and enjoy the once-upon-a-time gardens of the King of Spain.


    Madrid neighborhood


    We now move from the chic Barrio de Salamanca to the swinging and hip barrio of Alonso Martinez, where, during the evening, the sun doesn’t set on the nightlife scene. And during the day, turn of the twentieth century bistrots mix with modern coffee shops.


    La Cerveceria Santa Barbara, in the outdoor terrace dotted Santa Barbara square, is next to our third center and is the perfect place to have a drink, after you down a book in the Canterbury English Resource Center and Library.


    Because we have been an English Academy since 1991, hiring 150 new TEFL students each year, as you might guess, we have one of the most extensive ranges of ESL teaching materials, books, games and activities for adults, children and businesses that you can imagine.


    And because many of our former and current teachers have contributed their ideas to the Canterbury English library, we have a creative range of teaching resources that will help make you a great teacher.