• Is the Job with Canterbury English Really 100 % Guaranteed?
  • Yes, One Hundred Percent! If we don’t get you into the Safety Zone of a minimum of 10 hours a week teaching with Canterbury English thirty days after your course finishes, we will give you 300 Euros back and then you will be green flagged as the Number One Priority of our scheduling department to receive classes. This means you have first choice of all the daily class offers and within a few days you will have 300 Euros back, as well as being in the ten to fifteen hour safety zone.


  •  How does the Job with Other Schools Work?
  • Putting a good teaching schedule together requires 50% Canterbury English and 50% other schools. From the third week onwards, we are sending you class offers to teach with us so that you can start acquiring the foundation of a solid schedule of classes that will keep you in Spain. You have just graduated on the fourth Friday of your TEFL month and from the beginning of the third week you are starting to accumulate real paid teaching experience. We give you one more week to settle into your new Canterbury English schedule and then on the following Monday, as part of our Other Schools Premium Program, we contact the over 300 schools that are part of our network to let them know you are ready to work. That’s when you will start getting offers from other schools, as well as continuing offers from Canterbury English and you chose what’s best for you.


  • Am I Free to Choose the Best Classes and Jobs that I Want?
  • It is very important to know that you are completely free to choose the best class offers that you receive, whether it be from Canterbury English or other Schools. For example, if you have a class with Canterbury English that prevents you from getting a higher paying class, or a great work opportunity or block hours from another school, then because you are a free agent, you chose the class or job that is best for you. You can let our scheduling department know you have had a better offer somewhere else and you need to pass this class on to one of your classmates or someone in the next TEFL course. Some graduates even organize it themselves with their friends from the TEFL course and hand over a class that may be blocking their schedule, but for a classmate, fits in perfectly with their class timetable. As you can see we are highly flexible and this is fine by us, because our priority is that you get that golden schedule you are looking for and need. We will encourage you to always look out for number one, which is you, and so what is good for you, is good for us. There`s no doubt about it, you are our top priority.


  • Is it Difficult to get Accepted into the Canterbury English Programs?
  • We can’t just accept anybody into our programs, because we are not a TEFL “churro” machine that churns out massive numbers of graduates. We are entrusting you with our own clients. You’re not being farmed out to someone else’s customers. So that’s why we say we are an Ivy League TEFL program. We are very selective and look at the university you have graduated from, your GPA, your work experience, your interests, you’re application letter and then we make a decision. If you are accepted into our program, be joyful, it is a privilege.  We feel we are a very human and artisanal organization and applicants are handpicked, not by an employee, but by the founder of the company.


  • Why is Canterbury English Less Expensive than Other Programs but Gives More?
  • Money is not the bottom line at Canterbury English. That is why we are a thousand Euros less expensive than other organizations for our Madrid Lifestyle Non-EU Program, one thousand Euros less expensive for our One Year Study Abroad Program and almost 400 Euros less expensive than most other TEFL programs, when you include the required student teaching, which at Canterbury English is paid for.
  • We could easily add on a thousand Euros to our two Non-EU programs and 400 Euros to our TEFL and still fill our courses. The founder has an international MBA from California and a Masters in Marketing and Sales from IE, Madrid, but he is also a poet and a humanitarian and has been helping teachers to live in Madrid for almost thirty years and shares their interests, their ups and downs and their financial concerns. He doesn’t want to rip anyone off, because in life, what comes around goes around. And he’s going to be seeing you every month to pay you for however many years you want to remain with Canterbury English. That is why we at Canterbury English believe in Fair Trade and we feel that the prices of our programs and all the extra benefits that you get from being a part of Canterbury English, is part of a bona-fida Fair Trade Agreement between you and us.


  •  Are Spaces limited in the Canterbury English Programs?
  • Yes. We limit the classes to about twelve to fourteen students a month to keep it cosy, quality orientated and to fulfill our job guarantee. That’s why the early birds who send in their application for one of the programs, if their application is up to par, get accepted into the month of their choice. Course months start to fill up as we get closer to the start date, but always try, because although we have a waiting list for high season months, some people change months for different reasons and then we can pop you into the month of your choice.


  • What’s my TEFL Certificate Worth when I Graduate?
  • Our International program has been awarding high quality and accredited Canterbury English TEFL Certificates for over two decades now. And like waves from a stone that falls in the placid and sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea, our thousands of graduates have, in ever expanding rings, brought the good name of Canterbury English to schools in just about every country across the five continents. Our name is familiar to English school directors in China, Japan, Korea, South & North America, Australia, Africa and especially in Spain. Earning our TEFL certificate and carrying it with you will automatically activate the sliding doors of welcome, wherever your heart desires to go. And as you will also carry under your belt the experience of teaching with Canterbury English and a letter of recommendation for the teaching that you have done with us, then truly the world is your oyster!


  • Do I Need to Speak Spanish to Teach?
  • No, not at all. If you don’t speak a word of Spanish you can teach English without any problems at all. Only in the case that a client asks us for a teacher who speaks Spanish (which only happens once in a while), because they have either no knowledge of English or very low level, then we say so on the class offer that we send to you. But again, this doesn’t happen very often and it will not limit you in any way to get a full schedule of classes.


  • Why is Business English an Important Section of the Course?
  • Enterprises in Spain have a high demand for In-company English classes. Often the employees of a company receive paid English classes year in, year out. A Canterbury English contract with a corporation can go on for up to ten years. We still have a number of teachers giving classes for example in De la Viuda, the Spanish chocolate company and the contract started with this enterprise in 2005. This is the same in other schools in Madrid and around the English teaching world. Therefore teachers need to be well versed in giving in-company classes and that is why part of the course is dedicated to preparing you well for what you are actually going to be doing for Canterbury English and other schools in Spain or abroad.


  • Why is Teaching Children an Important Section of the Course?
  • Perhaps the biggest world market in English teaching is giving classes to children from a tender age through the end of High School. That is why it mystifies us, on the academic side of Canterbury, why the Celta courses don’t have a part dedicated to teaching children. Other TEFL courses are similar in that they dedicate a few hours at best to children, at Canterbury English, it is an important part of the course, because we know that there is a 100% chance that you will be teaching kids during the year unless you specifically tell us, no kids! Which you can, but it limits your possibilities in the English teaching market. And teaching kids is fun, because their innocence and candidness brings you into their world and rubs off on you and you feel the more vocational, heart to heart side of this job, which is maybe why you signed up in the first place!

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