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  • Great reasons for coming to Spain and teaching English

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    If you decided to live an adventure and experience new things, then working abroad is the best solution for you. With our TEFL programme you’ll work teaching English in Spain. It´s a perfect way to get to know other cultures, travel, meet new people and learn new languages. In this post you can find many reasons why you should pack your things and travel to Spain.

    1.     Learning Spanish

    When you try to find a job (like teaching English in Spain) your language skills will be very useful and will play an important role. It will also make things so much easier for you, while traveling or meeting other people. This is also an amazing opportunity to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Spanish culture and learn its language really fast.

    2.     Creating Cross-cultural Friendships

    When you travel abroad, you are able to gain experience in the everyday life of a new culture.  But if you decide to stay longer, you will get in touch with the locals, go to other fascinating places outside of the tourist circuit, and you will get involved with the local community, as well as making lifelong friendships.

    3.     The Travellers’ Wanderlust

    So now if you have made up your mind to go abroad and study in Madrid with Canterbury, be sure to visit all the places nearby. We strongly recommend you to go to some of these marvelous Spanish cities. You can also find cheap tickets to Spain from websites like GoEuro whenever Spain has a bank holiday, which is pretty often!

    4.     Getting the Edge on the Competition: Resume Building

    Teaching English in SpainLiving abroad does amazing things for resume building. Nowadays employers are becoming more and more interested in your life experiences (and the experience teaching English in Spain is great), as well as what you specifically can do.

    Living in a foreign country shows that you are a broad-minded candidate, who can adapt to different and often complicated circumstances. This is a boon to any company, because it shows that you are a many faceted person, and that you are a problem solver, which is what recruiters are looking for.

    5.     How to deal with the challenges of living in Madrid

    Moving abroad is not always an easy thing to do. You leave the comfort zone, but you start to feel alive again. Often you encounter situations or challenges that need a rapid solution. For example, you may face such difficulties as opening a bank account, when you don’t know the language nor where to do it. Another example is how to find a place to live when you arrive.

    Moving to a foreign country is full of challenges, but as you overcome each situation, you become more self-confident and you become a determined and independent person. The experiences that you go through in Madrid will help prepare you to meet the challenges that arise during the rest of your life.

    Become a teaching English in Spain is the big reason

    So don’t delay any more! Pack your bags and come to Spain. Canterbury is your ticket to paradise! Canterbury is your ticket to making the dream come true! Here you will learn how to teach English and work at the same time. Get in contact with Richard and get the ball rolling (


December 2022