We can offer TEFL jobs abroad

Canterbury English guarantees you a minimum of 50% (usually more) of the work you need to get a schedule that you are happy with.

Jobs in Madrid with Other English Schools

  • A full schedule is between 20 and 25 hours a week of teaching.
  • And not only that, for the other 50%, nobody has a job placement success rate as high as Canterbury’s. You are like a 100 meter sprinter that starts at the 50 meter mark. Even Bolt would be hard put to beat you! So what are you waiting for, buy your flight to Madrid today!


  • Our Job Placement Program for the other 50%
  • With half your schedule guaranteed, and usually up and running by the time you have finished the TEFL course, you can now cover your basic expenses, such as room and board. So it’s time to go for the extra hours in other schools. You can teach english in spain with us.


  • Canterbury English Graduates have been working exclusively for CE, for CE and one other school, for CE and various other schools for twenty years now. Needless to say, apart from working for us, we have CE graduates working in almost every other academy that there is in Madrid. We have an excellent contact list in the ESL teaching market in Madrid and Spain. Not only do we give you a job, but our job support program is top of the TEFL schools, as we have been dedicating twenty years to foster our contacts. For that we can offer TEFL jobs abroad. We can explain you all about teaching overseas.


  • Canterbury English works hand in hand with the top agencies and language schools in Madrid
  • They know full well the quality of our program graduates and hire Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate holders first, because they know that as our graduates have already been working for Canterbury English, they are not fresh behind the ears and they are tried and true teachers with Canterbury English clients first. Any TEFL graduate who is difficult to market stays with Canterbury English. The reason for this is that we are very, very patient and out first commitment is to you. We accepted you into our program and brought you to Spain with a promise and we are obligated to keep that promise and take care of you. We can explain you the best teaching overseas programs.


  • Even if a teacher causes us to lose some clients as they are learning, instead of firing that teacher (which other schools would do), we give that teacher extra training and advice for free, until they have learned from their mistakes. Canterbury English is as patient and kind to our teachers as a grandmother. We have a commitment to each and every one of you. Other schools know this, and thanks to this, they trust that our graduates are the best prepared graduates of any TEFL program in Madrid. This is what makes us number one with the different Academies throughout Madrid and Spain. One more reason why we can offer TEFL jobs in Spain, Madrid.


  • You go into an Interview with Another Academy with Canterbury English Class Experience
  • We guarantee our trainees job interviews and prepare you well for them. When the director of the school you are interviewing for asks you for your experience, you tell them all the experience you have with Canterbury English clients. Graduates from other schools can only say that they are TEFL Certified and have at the most given dummy classes to students who get free lessons. That’s like going out onstage on Broadway for the first time, having only done a dress rehearsal. Not at Canterbury English. You are already experienced when you sit down at the desk with the person who is going to hire you. He or she knows this and a professional interviewer can tell if you really have taught real-live paying clients.


  • Other graduates of other programs have to tell the truth: “I’m fresh off the boat and I’ve just done a course, but don’t have any experience!” Do you think the director of a prestigious English school in Madrid is going to hire them and send them into their best contracts. That would be giving a graduate from flight school the first job flying Air Force One from New York to Madrid. It’s obvious that the director of a language school would prefer a CE graduate, who’s past the stage fright phase of teaching English. With Canterbury English, you just have to go through the formalities and sign the contract. Come and get your tefl jobs in spain.

Workshop TEFL jobs in Spain

  • The Job Workshop
  • We have a job workshop that will prepare you well for interviewing. When you take this workshop, the trainers of the workshop have an easier task. You have already been sent into our clients and have had informal interviews with them. And you are teaching them at the time of the workshop. So you already have a job. This does amazing things for your confidence levels when you go to have a formal interview in the office of the director of an English school, and this is what gets you the job over graduates from other programs. It’s for that we can offer TEFL jobs in Madrid, Spain.


  • English School Director is Concerned that You Have Enough Hours to Stay in Spain: 50% CE/50% Other School
  • Another concern for the director of an English school is that you get enough hours to teach to stay in Spain. It is a concern for them because when teachers don’t get enough hours, they can’t support themselves and they leave Spain. So they suddenly drop the hours they have with a specific Academy. This creates problems with the clients. If a director of another language school knows that the TEFL graduate already has 50% of their hours guaranteed by Canterbury English, and that they only have to get another 50% for the teacher for the teacher to have a full schedule and can support themselves, then it is much easier for them to make the decision to hire that person and take on the responsibility, because it is a shared responsibility, between them and Canterbury English.


  • Huge Class Demand, Hiring other TEFL Program Grads and American Study Overseas Students
  • Canterbury English not only hires its own graduates, but also has a program for American Study Overseas students in Madrid and works with all the top US Universities such as Wisconscen, Indiana, Purdue, Cal State, UC, SUNY, USC, Stanford, and a long etc. We give a 10 hour Introduction to TEFL workshop to them and give them one guaranteed class. We have four workshops in September and October and two in January and February. At the time of writing this, end of February, we just graduated 23 students from our two Winter workshops and who are now teaching a class each. With ours programes you will be able teach english overseas.


  • We also just hired last week three graduates from another TEFL course. One of them, who did the August course six months previously, said that 75% of the graduates had left Madrid were back in their home countries for various reasons, but many because they didn’t get enough work. She was one of 25% who is still here teaching and has been hired by Canterbury English to complete her schedule. But if you read their web page and the amazing comments from the graduates, you realize that those graduates making the comments are the 25% who found a job! What about the rest! That’s advertising! Don’t believe everything you read on a web page.


  • That’s why Canterbury gives a money back guarantee. That’s our truth. The other two graduates from the January course that Canterbury English hired at the end of February (30 days after the course finished), were both very worried about getting a job, because they both wanted to stay in Spain and their money was running out. When they were informed about the Canterbury English (and theirs TEFL jobs in Spain programme), which they hadn’t found when they did their internet research, they were both very disappointed that they had not done the program with Canterbury English from the beginning.


  • Nevertheless we hired them. So if we are hiring students from other TEFL programs, and if we have our own give back to the community free study overseas program to help University students earn some money and get some experience, then OBVIOUSLY, we are going to hire our own TEFL graduates FIRST. Because we have such an enormous demand for English classes, Canterbury English is the King of private English classes in Madrid, we can hire and give work to students from other TEFL programs, as well as 23 study abroad students in the month of February. That is truly a feat that only Canterbury English can pull off. But, before we hire study abroad students and students from other TEFL programs, we naturally give the BEST and HIGHEST PAYING JOBS to our OWN TEFL STUDENTS.


  • The Canterbury English Platinum CV Service
  • Other programs mail out your CV. This is basically their job commitment to their students. Graduate emails are cut and pasted into a standard email which is sent to lots of schools. It’s a hit or a miss. It’s kinda like going to a Spanish villages summer fair, where you get to pay some money (less than a TEFL Certificate course) and shot at the ducks. Poor ducks! Or poor you! Canterbury also does a cut and paste into a standard email and sends it out to all the schools in Madrid.


  • But as you already know, one, you already have a job (so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket!), two you are going to be hired first, before other program graduates, because Language school directors know that CE grads perform better (they already have experience with real clients), especially in the first month of highly sensitive classes and until the student becomes comfortable with the new teacher and trusts the teacher to guide them successfully through the complexities of the English language. Remember our programme of TEFL jobs in Spain.


  • Marketing Help from the Founder
  • As you progress through the TEFL Course, we also dedicate some time to make you sellable in the English Market in Madrid so that you can easily acquire the second 50% of your schedule. We start with your Resume  (CV) and help you analyze it, as well as all the things you have done in life, to find out how to give each event and experience a teaching highlight and focal point. We have a unique method, developed by Canterbury English, that identifies all that you have done in life and we teach you how to highlight this from a teaching angle. In other words, we teach you how to adapt your resume (CV) to what a English language school director wants to hear, so that you get hired. In the workshop, we also role-play job interviews with an English school director so that you can gain successful interview skills. This gives you the tips you need to get the job.


  • Workshop by the Founder
  • What could be more of a guarantee to you, than instead of us delegating this highly sensitive how to pay the bills to stay in Spain and live the dream workshop, to an employee, Canterbury’s own founder, Richard Clarke, director of the Canterbury English language school, will personally give you the workshop. He hires all the employees. So he knows what you need to do and say to get hired. He teaches you how to market and brand yourself so you are working with the best schools with the highest wages. And because he gives the workshop, he takes a personal interest in each and every one of the TEFL students and makes sure they have not only Canterbury’s 50% of the apple pie, but also the other 50% you need to stay here, as well as the ice cream with a cherry on top! But to get the ice-cream and the cherry, you will have to take the workshop!


  • Director available Every Day
  • Our director is also available for you every day in his office at Canterbury English to give you advice and sort out any concerns you may have. If you have  suddenly lost an important piece of your schedule, come on in and you will be given priority for new classes. We translate work concerns into work! We are also constantly receiving job offers from Madrid and the rest of Spain. As well as our own class offers, we also have an Early Warning Work.


  • Email Job Alert system 
  • This consists in an email that we send out letting you know the new jobs that are up for grabs. With our own Daily Class Offer (4-6 offers) email and the other school Early Warning Work Alert (4-6 offers) email, it’s a failsafe system that helps you to live the dream safely!! With other programs, giving up a job or graduating from University and moving to Spain is like going to a casino and slapping down your white picket fence house, your camping van and your car all at once on the black jack table, and then looking up to the heavens for help! Not with Canterbury English. Canterbury English is a no risk bet. Live the adventure, but do it responsibly, do it safely, do it with Canterbury English!


  • Why are there so many jobs teaching English in Madrid for Canterbury English Graduates?
  • First of all, why don’t you hear of TEFL programs in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, etc.? And why don’t you hear of lots of jobs teaching English in those countries? It’s quite simple. They already speak great English. The Germans, the Swedes, the Swiss and the Danes are all brought up speaking English and for whatever reason, they are naturally good at it. Not the case in Spain. And that’s good for us! English for the Spanish is an absolute necessity. But it is the Achilles heel of Spain. So there’s a lot of work to do to increase the English speaking level of the Spanish.


  • The Canterbury English Fire Department
  • And that’s where the Canterbury English TEFL team puts on their boots, their jackets and helmets. At any moment another alarm bell is going to go off. And we need to be ready, because when it rings, we have to jump onto the pole and slide down it, get into our Canterbury English Fire Truck and turn on the sirens. Yes, we are the proud English teaching firemen and firewomen of Spain. We put out the lack of English language fire so that Spain is more proficient in the global market place.


  • Whether it is a child who’s parents will pay for private classes for ten years, a business executive who’s Spanish company has just been gobbled up  an American multinational, a taxi driver who needs to know where you want to go, a cook in the Casino de Madrid who needs to give a tapas tour in English, a stay at home Dad who just wants to shoot the breeze with an English teacher and help his kids with their homework, a pharmacist who has to give medical receipts to English speaking clients, a summer camp where the kids learn about rock climbing in English, English is a basic necessity in Spain as much as coffee and donuts is in America. And that is why we are here and why we have a Mission. Ours is a Mission to help the Spaniards communicate in English and thereby increasing the GNP of Spain. And you have the opportunity to be part of that Mission.

Remember our programme of TEFL jobs abroad!

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