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  • How to be a perfect candidate for ESL teaching position

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    There are several skills that the employers expect from you as an ESL teacher. One of our head trainer James, who has been teaching English in Madrid for many years, gave us a perfect comprehension of what kind of competences the employers are looking for in ESL teachers.

    Having such a huge teaching experience in Madrid, what do you think about it as a career or job?

    Teaching English in Madrid is a colossal industry and it seems to be continuing in the same way. There are over 300 academies in Madrid which offer classes for different ages and language levels, and teachers can find perfect positions in schools, academies or other places. There are plenty of ways to teach and different options of offers for candidates from every level of experience so it´s a great way to fulfil your goals.

    If your background includes non English teaching experience, how you can find a job?

    While taking part in interviews the main questions refer to age and experience. There are jobs for every kind of applicant. Two people who applied for TEFL may have different backgrounds.  What refers to age is the following. If you are older and have more experience in other fields, then you will have more of a chance than others.

    What are your Top Suggestions for what to say in an interview?

    While giving an interview, it´s always a good idea to say that you are active, ready for new challenges and can come up with your own ideas and initiatives in the classroom. That will speak volumes about you and give you advantage over the other candidates. I was impressed by those candidates who came to the interview with a folder full of new, creative and practical material.

    Future English teacher


    Top Do’s and Don’ts from James for being the best candidate:


    Do: good preparation

    A good teacher should be flexible. Sometimes you can arrive to classe and have new students there or students with different backgrounds, it’s also possible that you will find only one student. You have to prepare activities, where your time is managed, and that can be practiced by any number of students. Teaching English is an entertaining job because no two days are the same

    Don’t: Personal life stays outside

    If you are a teacher you should always try to be professional at work. You have a so-called “mask” to put on every time you enter the class. It doesn´t matter if your students pay for the classes or their company does the payment, you are a teacher and this is of utmost importance to have a smile on our face and a positive attitude, as it is in every service or job. Learning must be agreeable with you so do your best to keep your energy high.

    Do: Be organized

    Teaching English is not just coming to class and writing some grammar rules. It is important and obligatory to check the attendance sheets, write a report of your classes as well as prepare exam and homework for your studentds. That´s why pre-planning is essential for you while working with different groups and levels.

    Don’t: Be unreliable

    Even if you don´t want teaching English to be your lifetime profession, it’s essential to treat it as part of your educational growth. You should be keen on working abroad and getting an experience in this field with your students. It will help you to respect times and be well-prepared for your next job.

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