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The Canterbury English Three Centers Tour

  • If you are in Madrid and would like to visit us before you enroll in one of our programs, then why don’t you take the for-you-only (+ Mom & Pop + friends) Canterbury English Three Center Tour? Richard will be happy to meet you at HQ and show you around.


  • Then you will take a taxi (compliments of Canterbury English) with Richard, if he is free, or one of the staff members, to the Canterbury English Resource Center and Library. Finally you will do a mini walking tour with your own guide through Plaza Santa Barbara and a maze of picturesque streets, emblematic buildings, past the Romantic Museum and Madrid City Museum, to finally end up in the lovely Canterbury English TEFL Center.


  • And this is how you will discover firsthand what Canterbury English is all about and we are convinced that you will go back straight back to your hotel, fill out an application form and send it to us to reserve your spot in one of our programs.


  • Fill out the e-form below and request your very own free Canterbury English Three Center Tour. Don’t forget to specify the weekday morning, time and date that best fits your schedule, so we can arrange an informative and entertaining tour for you.

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