What you have to know about TEFL Accreditation?

What many people don’t know when they start looking for the best TEFL program that fits their needs and expectations, is that most programs are not accredited. This is not the case of Canterbury English.

The best TEFL courses in Spain

  • These are the questions you should ask yourself when shopping for a TEFL program:


 When was the program started?


  • Harvard (1636) and Yale (1701) are prestigious schools founded a very long time ago and a vital element of their prestige is their longevity. In the TEFL market, over twenty years of non-stop courses is similar to being founded, like Yale, at the beginning of the 18th Some of our graduates were just out of university when they did our course and taught for us, and now they have families with children about to begin university.
Has any outside organization given them or their founder an award for merit?


  • After a whole decade, you would expect a school, or the owner of the school to be given an award by the community that it works in.


  • Richard Clarke (MBA, MDCV) an American Eagle Scout, Iron Man Runner and a published poet in four continents (America, Asia, Europe and Australia) an English text book author, as well as being our founder, was awarded a medal by the Daughters of the American Revolution for solidarity and community work.


  • The Canterbury English International TEFL Program was awarded, nineteen years ago (some of our current students weren’t even born then!), in 1999 the Golden Laurel for excellence by the community of Madrid and Radio Turismo. In 2000, we were honored to receive the Golden Medal for excellence and finally to crown our success and trajectory, in 2001 the Order of Merit.


  • Like Oxford and Cambridge, we are still around and still going strong, or like a fine Californian or Spanish wine, mellowed by years in oak barrels, exquisite and delicious. And that is the experience you will have with us, exquisite, delicious and fun, fun, fun (as well as a lot of hard work)!



What is the TEFL Certificate Worth to Potential Employers, here and elsewhere?


  • To work for us, naturally a Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate is more than enough. However, what about an ESL job in China, Chile or Canada? As an Ivy League TEFL program, our International Cerficate TEFL courses in spain are respected, recognized and sought after in schools all over the world, especially in Spain and especially in its home town, Madrid.


What are the Mechanics of TEFL Accreditation?


  • A bona-fida Accredited TEFL program involves the following:
  • Accreditation: The standard or benchmark is set by an organization that sets the industry standards of quality and integrity from the highest level. For example, The College of the Teachers, created in 1849. Year after year the TEFL courses in spain programs must continue to meet those high standards of excellence set by the accrediting body, which oversees the program to insure that the benchmark is reached every year.


  • An external accrediting body will ensure the following TEFL program practices:
  • 1. Fair examination procedure and transparency of grading TEFL trainees work. Ie. that your tests, homework and exams are fairly graded by completely neutral TEFL courses trainers in Spain, without any favoritism or bias.


  • 2. Moderation: The moderator scrutinizes the coursework to ensure that grading is fair and standardized. The TEFL students hand in some of their assignments to the moderator so that the moderator can verify that the student is well versed in TEFL theory and technique.


  • 3. Feedback: Another integral part of an accredited and moderated TEFL program is the feedback that the students give directly to the accrediting body without being screened by the TEFL school itself. This is private and confidential between the TEFL trainee and the accrediting body. The moderator does a write up concerning any improvements that trainees have indicated through their feedback, which is conveyed to the TEFL Program Academic Director to be incorporated into the next program. This guarantees that the program is constantly improving and evolving.


  • 4. In this way the honesty, integrity and excellence of the program is insured.


  • Accreditation and moderation of a TEFL program guarantees you that a course is of the highest quality and that the Certificate you will carry is validated and internationally recognized.


  • Only the Ivy League Schools, such as Canterbury English, carry this distinction!
TEFL courses in Spain acreditaded by Canterbury English