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You can live like english teacher teaching overseas

  • Percentage of British and Irish that do TEFL and work for CE
  • Twenty percent of our TEFL program is British and Irish (Twenty percent British-Irish and seventy five percent American corresponds just about exactly with the population ratios of these countries). Life your life teaching overseas with your english mother language.


  •  Canterbury English is Accredited by a British Accrediting Body
  • Our program is accredited by the College of Teachers, London England and we have applied for accreditation IATQuO, Bristol, England. Work with us teaching english as a foreign language now.


  • Canterbury English´s Strong Ties to Great Britain
  • Canterbury English has strong ties to Great Britain as the founders father (English) and mother (Scottish) immigrated from Great Britain to California as British school teachers and began to teach in American High Schools.


  • Jobs for British and Irish Nationals in the light of Brexit
  • As far as work permits are concerned, it is too early to know exactly what will happen when GB exits the EU. Right now, as EU citizens, you can work for Canterbury English full time with no restrictions. Yes, teach english abroad it’s possible with us.
  • If in the future there are any restrictions, then we would go the same route as we do with our American teachers (see Jobs for Americans & Canadians). Learn how do it and live in Madrid or spain teaching english as a second language.


  •  50% of your full Schedule
  • As British and Irish nationals, we guarantee you a job for 50% of your full schedule. The other 50% you will easily find with other English Academies. Become a teacher language of English in Spain and teaching in other countries. We offer you one of the best tefl courses for you own personal growing. So you can teach english overseas, in Spain or Europe.

Remember: you can live like english teacher teaching overseas


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