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Guaranteed job with Canterbury English during the school year in Madrid.


The Canterbury English International TEFL Certification Course is accredited by the College of Teachers in London, England to teach English in Madrid and abroad.


Ensured summer job opportunities working with summer camps throughout Spain. We offers you the best tefl courses and programmes.


Canterbury English boasts 20 paid hours of practice teaching; the most offered by any TEFL program.


Participants engage in 20 hours of practice teaching with children and 20 practice hours of teaching business oriented TEFL.


Receive a DVD copy of the final oral teaching presentation and gain a competitive edge in the ESL job market.


Excellent job references and valuable contacts for future employment in Spain and throughout the world.


Become a part of a family atmosphere and a member of the Canterbury English Club, which offers two social events each month.


Pay for a program and attend our Garcia Lorca Spanish School for a whole year and the second year tuition is free.


Benefit from the intimacy of small classes, the compassion of well-rounded trainers and the comparatively low cost of Canterbury English TEFL, while earning an internationally reputable certificate.

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The Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate is an internationally recognized qualification to teach English abroad. The Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate Course was fully accredited by the College of Teachers in London, England in 2009. The current trainers on the course were all assessed and evaluated in 2009 as well. In addition, the lead trainer, Mr. John Bouse, has over twenty-five years of teaching experience and was further awarded a diploma by the College of Teachers in 2014 for his completion of Effective Course Tutoring and Teaching of New Teachers.

Moreover, Canterbury English is an institutional member the College of Teachers, as well as a member of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, and has been awarded the Golden Laurel in 1999 from the Madrid City Hall and Radio Turismo, the Golden Medal from the Province of Madrid in 2000 and the National Merit Award of Spain in 2001 for the excellence of its programmes. Past Canterbury English TEFL graduates are currently teaching abroad in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America with our prestigious Canterbury English TEFL Certificate.


The financial hour glass is racing for you starting at 10:00 am on the first day of your TEFL course, because each one of you has just enough money to last a certain number of days in Madrid. And so like Laurence of Arabia crossing the Wadi Rum desert with Omar Sherif and just enough water for 30 days….you usually bring enough money to live in Madrid for between 30 and 60 days after the course has finished.


The lucky few have come with their golf clubs, a surf board and a big, fat bank account and they don’t really care when they start working! But this is not the case for most of you and you need to be earning Euros ASAP. The dilemma is that if you don’t make it, you’ve got to go back home and leave the dream behind. Some, the heroic, can’t go home and like Alexander the Great, when he arrived on the shores of Persia, his army overwhelmingly outnumbered by the enemy, gave orders to his men to burn their own boats and declared, “We go home in Persian ships…”.

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And that is when Canterbury English comes to the rescue! We offer what no other course in Europe (and maybe the world) offers: A GUARANTEED JOB and we start sending you class offers as early as the first day of your Work Orientation. After 30 days of completing the TEFL program, you’ll have between 15 and 25 hours of teaching between our classes, classes from our associate schools, and your own classes or jobs that you have found, this is our guarantee.


Now the stress, uncertainty and worry you would have elsewhere has suddenly vanished into thin air with Canterbury English. Our English School team has taken that burden onto our shoulders, so you can lose yourself in the enjoyment of Madrid, Spain and the TEFL program, while Canterbury English send you class offers and other academy job offers. It’s up to us, and that’s the way it should be.

In Caterbury English you can discover the best tefl courses with a job included.

We would also like to add something that nobody knows and nobody tells you when you sign up for a TEFL program with a job guaranteeEvery TEFL program under the sun promises you a job. What they don’t tell you is that English teaching jobs come and go. They have fulfilled their promise if you get a job soon after the TEFL course finishes. And one or two (you can count those programs on one hand) even work hard to do that. However, three months down the line, when you have lost half your hours, nobody remembers you, because they have a new shipment of TEFL graduates to take care of the initial promise. You can live in spain teaching english as a foreign language.

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Obtain your TEFL Spain certificate with us

Canterbury English is giving you bona-fida inside information because we are an English School as well as a TEFL School and we were founded as an English school in 1991 by Richard Clarke and have almost thirty years of experience of providing classes for our graduates. We know the English teaching market better than anybody else. So, the  inside information that you need to know about (or find out the hard way) is that English classes constantly come and go. The other programmes make you believe that once you get a job for the hours you need, it’s a fixed job and you’ve got it for at least a year, exactly like it was at the beginning. This is simply not true. Have you looking for the best tefl certification? here they are.


And again, that’s where Canterbury English comes to the rescue once more. We will not only provide you with the hours you need for the initial month after the course has finished, we will keep sending you offers all year round. What you don’t know and what other organizations don’t tell you, is that it’s not just about getting the hours at the beginning, it’s about keeping them throughout the year and then having summer work as well. This is totally logical, but few people realize it until it happens to them. With Canterbury, you will receive direct class offers from us just about every single working day of the year. It’s not about farming you out after the TEFL course has finished and more or less forgetting you, which is what other TEFL courses do, it’s about replacing the class hours that stop for many different reasons.


Here are some of them: the client wants a new teacher, the client runs out of money, the client changes jobs, the client is too busy, the client has passed the exam they were studying for, the client goes on a long vacation, the client gets ill or has an accident, the clients grandmother dies, the client has a baby, the client decides to learn another language… These are just a few of the logical, real life situations that happen in the English teaching profession. All veteran English teachers know that classes come and go, and only Canterbury can keep your hours at a maximum all year long with constant class offers. We’re talking about your bread and butter and we don’t mess around with this. We have many teachers who after five or ten years are still buying their bread and butter with money they earn at Canterbury English.


So back to the first question, “Why Canterbury English?” we hope that this question has been sufficiently answered. If not you can email the founder, and he will be happy to answer any other questions that you may have. Teaching english as a second language in Madrid you will can know a new culture and the lovely spanish people.